Friday, December 14, 2012

Raising Godly Children

Raising children is hard work. Raising children in today's society is even harder. Raising children in today's society to become Christian children is like a battlefield.
I don't want to be cliche and say that the devil is attacking daily, but it is the truth. The problem is that everyone makes it seem as if he is coming after your children; to an extent, he is going after our children, but he is really is coming after YOU.
Why the parents you ask?
We are the first line of defense for our children. Every single action we take and word we speak rubs off on your children. What a crazy thought, right? Children are like sponges and they take it all in. I know Caelyn can remember things I might have said two weeks ago and she will randomly bring it up. I then try to search my brain as to when I said that!

My journey into becoming a Christian mother is a HARD journey. It is like Indiana Jones on steroids. With Andrew and I recently changing our lives around and getting re-baptized (I was Catholic before), I find as it every day is filled with dangerous land mines I could fall into and I would take my entire family down for the day with me.
My biggest battle is every morning. You see, I HATE mornings. Mornings are terrible to me. So, every morning bright and early, Caelyn comes climbing into bed with me. Some days Andrew is home and I might get to sleep in with Brayden, other days, its just me. Those days its an internal war. I just want sleep. Brayden cosleeps and he is usually asleep as well. So, in comes Caelyn with her knees and arms hitting me and Brayden in the face. He starts to cry because, honestly, who likes to get woken up by getting kicked in the face? Then I start to yell and anger takes over. Plus, Maggie is in the crate crying. My mornings are not this peaceful waking I dream of. Maybe one day.

So, everyday I start the day on the wrong foot, or nearly every day. That makes the rest of the day difficult. Usually after I drink my first cup of caffeinated hot tea, I start to feel human and apologize to Caelyn for sucking.
Apologizing to our children is EXTREMELY important. That is a whole other post.

Today's society is godless - for the most part. They are trying to remove God from any and everything. So, raising children to love and honor God is extremely difficult when everything they see tells them to do the exact opposite.
We have to protect our children and teach them the right ways. We have to shelter them. Some people say that children need to see the real world - poop on them.
My children have their whole adulthood, which by the way is longer than childhood, to experience the real world. Sheltering is good.

This is why I changed the name of my blog. Some readers might be like, that is not the name of the blog I read a few days ago. You are right. I changed it because my heart has changed. Thrifty is still part of my daily life; it has to be since we are a one income family and many posts will still be about thrifty recipes, meal planning, and everything else. But, growing closer to God and raising my children to love God is my first and foremost goal in my life. I want to share that journey with you all and hopefully, you will learn a thing or two as I do!

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