Monday, December 10, 2012

Changes Always Happening

Its crazy how fast things can change in a household with babies. Babies are amazing - they do more changing and growing in one week than adults do in months, maybe a year. No wonder their sleep is often so messed up; its hard work growing!
We have been a busy household lately, from Church, to basketball practice (Andrew is coaching), to cleaning, date night and everything in between. This week upcoming is even more busy! Our calendar is quite full for the next few weeks, especially with Christmas approaching fast.

 I officially deam little man a 'supported sitter' and he sure loves sitting up and playing with sissy. This boy is growing too fast and I want him to slow down. Looking back, Caelyn was supported sitting before him and sitting all by herself right at the end of 5 months. I was pushing her though because I wanted her to grow I was so excited. Now, I have learned to appreciate the current stage that my babies are in versus wanting them to get to the next phase.
 He loves to hang out in his high chair and play with the toys that came with it. (PS - its THIS highchair and we love it!)
 He made the recent discovery that he can reach up and grab his feet. Boy, who knew feet could be soo exciting ;-)
 Our little girl has been just as busy. After Andrew and I's date night on Wednesday, we went to Walmart, looking at toys and trying to decide if Santa had enough.
When we got there, I found the Fisher Price Nativity Set. I was soooo excited! I had been wanting to get this for Caelyn forever! She broke parts of my really nice nativity set.
Ever since then, she has played with it everyday. She likes to call baby Jesus baby Moses, but thats ok I suppose ;-)
Its a great tool/toy to use to teach children about the real meaning of Christmas.
 Speaking of the real meaning of Christmas, we decided that one of our Christmas activities this year was going to be making cookies for our neighbors - showing love and kindness during the advent season I think is so important.
We made sugar cookies. Brayden and Caelyn were my little helpers :)
Well.... Brayden ate some pears and Caelyn kept trying to get her hands into the batter to eat!
 What really excites me lately is the ever-growing bond between brother and sister. He is starting to interact with her more and its amazing (and tearful for me) to watch. I LOVE watching her with him and how much he looks at her with amazement and everything he does makes her laugh and then in turn he laughs.

And yes, he pulls her hair ;-) A LOT!
 We are introducing some foods over here. We have tried a few fruits (every veggie causes him to gag, so whatever.. there will come a day when he likes them). He is doing awesome. When he started grabbing food from us and crying and whining when we were eating, I decided to try and he is so happy!

But, boobs are still the best ;-) always to Brayden!

Nighttimes are changing as well. We are beginning new routines to get the kids to sleep better. With Brayden, we cosleep at night, so its a matter of getting him to sleep a few hours at first in his crib while we spend adult time watching TV, crocheting, playing video games, whatever we want to do. We are really trying to focus on his nap times the most. For Caelyn, its about creating a quiet, calm evening after dinner to lead her to an easy bedtime.
Before, we were going from hardcore playing to lets go to bed and thats a hard transition with lots of tears.

Whoa, thats quite an update!
Tomorrow will be grocery shopping day - we desperately need it. I will be posting our meal plan and grocery list ASAP!

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