Thursday, December 6, 2012

Brayden is 5 Months Old

Sweet little man, on Tuesday, you were officially 5 months old. Oh how much I love you! You make my days fun (and busy). I love to watch your personality grow daily.
You are stubborn, headstrong, smiley, funny, and you love to laugh. Lately you have been:
- playing more with your sister on the floor (and she loves this!!)
- rolling over from your back to your belly
- but you forgot how to roll from belly to back!
- you think all food is disgusting and give me a look of horror when I try to give you a taste of food
- boob is still the best
- we use cloth diapers, but if you do use disposables, you wear a size 4.
- we are switching your clothes from 6-9 to 12 month clothing.
- at the last check up last month you were 21 lbs so we can only guess you are 22-23lbs currently!
- you are a mommy's boy through and through.

You are such a joy. Daddy is loving this stage and we are all excited to watch you continue to grow

We love you sweetie <3 font="font">

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