Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Decorating The Christmas Tree

Woohoo, its Christmas Time in the Hayes household. On Monday, Andrew and Caelyn went out and bought a fake tree.
I'll be honest - I HATE fake trees. I grew up with the real deal. I grew up getting up and going out to chop the sucker down at a tree farm, drinking hot chocolate, and having a good old day all about the Christmas tree.
But, Andrew is allergic, so unless I want to not have a husband living with me for a month, I have to deal with the tree.
I'm going to use some Scentsy scent circles - Iced Pine and Festival of Trees - and I am going to stick them inside the tree and make it smell.
Anywayyyy, I got the pleasure of watching Andrew put the tree together while nursing the baby. I love nursing sometimes ;-) 
 Then we got down to the fun stuff. Caelyn, Andrew, and I put the lights, the garland, and the ornaments on. Its located in our kitchen. Weird, I know.. but it would make the living room way too crowded. After we are done with the addition on the house, it'll go in there (which will be a playroom/family area).
 Little man jumped in his jumperoo for the whole time and he was so good! He enjoyed watching us and the lights.
 Then, it was finished :) Its not perfect, but I love it. We listened to Christmas music and had fun. It may not be real, but its ours and its us making memories, which I love sharing :)
This makes me feel soooooo festive and ready for this holiday season! Yay for Christmas time!!

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