Saturday, December 15, 2012

You Are...

This post is inspired by a wonderful friend of mine.
I think we all have days were we wonder how the heck we got to the point we are. We stand there looking at the destroyed living room, empty pet bowls, dishes overflowing in the sink, one kid having a tantrum over a toy, and the littlest one having a meltdown over who knows what. Add in a maybe whining husband about dinner and floors that are begging to be vacuumed and it makes for a headache to rock your world.
Right? We all have days were the things pile up and situations get out of control before we can stop it. This just leaves you feeling like you suck. All you can think is man, I suck at this. I suck. Why did God give me these kids when I clearly can't handle this?
You're wrong. God doesn't make mistakes. Period. End of story. He didn't screw up when he gave you those kids. He made the best decision even if you can't see it during that moment. He gave you those children because He knew that you would be a wonderful mother and would nurture those children into the adults they are meant to be.
Not only has God given us our beautiful blessings, but He also has given us grace and forgiveness.
God knows that, as humans, we are far from perfect. We WILL screw up daily. Its just a fact. But, when we mess up, we have to get back on that proverbly horse. A bad day doesn't have to dictate your next day. A bad hour doesn't have to dictate your next hour. We have the ability to change our mood and the direction of our day.
How you ask?
Simple as that.
Ok, maybe not that simple, but the answer is simple, its the action that is harder!
When I get in those days, I stop and go - "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus..." I say His name over and over again until I've calmed down.
There IS power in the name of Jesus. For reals.
Next, forgive yourself. If God can forgive you, there is no reason you cannot forgive yourself. Realize whatever happened is the past and now is the present. You can't change the past but you CAN change the future.
When the situation is out of control, I observe and pick what is first. Are there crying children? Address them first. Babies come first. Nurse, settle, feed, whatever it is that needs to be done. If they are hungry and dinner isn't ready, give a snack. Yes, I said it. A snack. They might not eat as much at dinner but hunger can change a child's mood from good to meltdown in mere seconds. So, snack.
Next, the dogs - helpless animals at our mercy for food. Take that minute or two and feed them.
Next, address the rest as you can. Bring the kids and involve them into your chores if you can.
It will be ok. This I promise. Tomorrow is a new day, an hour is a new hour. Thank God for his blessings daily as you go through the day. Thank God you have that house to clean or you or your spouse has a job to provide.
Last thing.
You Are an Awesome Mother. Remember that. When that moment is falling down around you, it doesn't matter. Its ok. You are an awesome mother. You will change the situation. Your children love you even if the house is a mess and dishes aren't washed. They love you when your hair is a mess and their PJs aren't washed. Children are simple; we are the ones that are complicated.
Who hasn't watched The Parent Rap on YouTube? Its great, Caelyn loves it. One line at that end says "We're great parents." Its true for us all!

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