Sunday, December 2, 2012

Our Wedding Day!

Things have been crazy in our home lately and for a great reason. On November 6th, we got married! Yes, voting day! Since then, our lives have been hectic with so many little things going on.
I wanted to share a few photos from our day. It was a great day. It was simple, small, and stressfree - three really great S words! We had the ceremony at our church with about 30 of our close family. Afterwards, we went to my family's restaurant, then home! My mom kept Caelyn and Andrew and I went out for a few drinks while his mother sat with Brayden. No fancy wedding night for us. He is too young for me to leave comfortably. We might take a little weekend (well it'd be a week day with his work schedule!) trip in the summer/fall of 2013 - I'm thinking NYC!
The day was great. Here are a few of my favorite photos. My mother's friend took our photos. We didn't want anything fancy - just enough to remember the day and a few to develop. 
 Lighting our unity candle - we had a good laugh because he asked what song we wanted to play and since we didn't have a first dance, we picked our song - Far Away by Nickelback. It actually ended up fitting wel for us.
 I just love this photo - I caption it as - a couple that prays together stays together.

 We keep Christ as the center of our household. I love this photo!

 Us with Brayden - he looks so big in this photo! He had just turned 4 months!
 There is always one person that isn't looking!
 Apparently, Brayden thinks the lights are a lot more exciting than photo taking.
 Bretton, my little sister, and I - I really do love her, I swear!
 My new in-laws: I really like how my mother in law grabbed my hand. I find some really deep symbolism behind it.

 My wild child, my princess, the person who changed my life almost 3 years ago. This little girl means more to me than I could ever describe. I love this picture, despite her little fishy face.
Me and my dress.
My dress.. well my mother, sister, and I went dress shopping. We had 3 weeks til the wedding,so whatever we bought had to not need any alterations and needed to fit well.
I tried on a bunch of dresses. Dress shopping is STRESSFUL!
Finally, I searched the racks myself instead of the attendant helping me. I found a dress that had been marked down to $199 from $650. I was trying to keep it as cheap as I could for my mother. So, I was like what the heck thats a deep discount, I'll try it on.
What do you know, I LOVED it and my mother and sister LOVED it. It fit like a glove. Perfection. It also had an extra $50 off making it $150. We added a very simple $20 veil and $30 shoes.
My mother was more than pleased with the price tag of my wedding attire :)
I am very happy to be married. I am happy that I am legally Bethany Hayes. I am happy that we are an offical family. Many wonderful blessings will come after this. I know our journey is just beginning! 

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