Monday, December 3, 2012

Meet Miss Maggie Mae!

A few days ago, I checked facebook and a friend of mine had posted asking if anyone had been looking for a dog. She said that a friend of hers had found a dog in a local park, in a hole, in the cold and alone. Sad.
So, I said I would talk to Andrew. We had been entertaining the idea of another dog. We agreed we would want a puppy so that they could get used to growing up around children. We knew Buddy, our current dog, might want a friend as all the other dog friends he has just never want to play with him the way he wants to play.
We were like what the heck, lets go look at her!
We came home with her and we named her Maggie - Maggie Mae to be exact.
She is a spitfire and full of the wonderful puppy energy. She is not housebroken (her number 1 problem!) but we are working on it. We go on the 12th of December for her vet appointment but I am sure they will say she is between 2-3 months old. A baby. And this baby is going to be big one day soon. 
 Caelyn is getting used to not being able to lay on her because she has growled. Buddy lets Caelyn do any and all things to him so we are teaching her how to properly treat dogs. She loves to play with her though and just be close to her - but then Caelyn forgets she is close and steps on her.
My house has become a little more insane!
What kind of person leaves a cute little face like this out in the cold (winter) with no food? She is a baby. It makes me so angry! But now, she has become a member of our family. Buddy and Maggie are getting along like best buds; she actually listens and is pretty much good with Caelyn 90% of the time. Puppies are work BUT we are glad we got a puppy as we can train her to be what we want, hopefully ;-) Stay tuned for more cute pictures of Buddy and Maggie!

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