Friday, October 26, 2012


Woohooo I love selling Scentsy. I have been selling since March.. We became addicted to Scentsy a few months prior to me taking the leap to sell. It has been going great; right after I had Brayden I took a break but now I am back and loving it!
Don't know what Scentsy is? Scentsy sells burners, such as Fizz, the one pictured below. These are flameless burners, so totally safe around the kids! You pick one of the MANY scents available (new ones come out twice a year along with a different scent of the month EVERY month!) and it melts the wax, letting off wonderful smells throughout your house.

We love Scentsy. With Andrew being a firefighter, he isn't comfortable with candles because of the knock over risk especially with young kiddos. This is the perfect thing. The lightbulbs are not larger than 25 watts. I can stick my finger into the wax and not get burnt. Plus, I get compliments all the time when people walk into my home and smells the different scents!
I have a website that you can buy from. Please feel free to email me and let me know if you have questions. ;-) With the holidays here, this is a great present for any family members or yourself!

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