Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mary vs. Martha

Disclaimer: messy photos ahead!
With Christmas winding down and things settling into their normal routines, I have had time to reflect on things I learned this Christmas season. I try to have time to reflect daily; something that I could take away from the day - a way to grow.
This topic has been on my mind since Christmas Eve when my mother was trying to stress me out about getting the house ready for Christmas Eve. I was not stressed - I am the whatever happens happens type gal. Its family - I love them and they love me even if there are dust bunnies still stuck in the corner.
But, nevertheless, I scrubbed and cleaned until our house sparkled like a new penny.
Then Christmas happened.
Life happened.
Christmas morning and even evening, I had no desire to pick up toys. My kiddo was playing and we were enjoying ourselves.
The next day, I felt the same way.
Besides a trip to the ER, I wanted a lazy day. I didn't care that I couldn't see my kitchen table (example below).

 What I did care about was playing with Caelyn's new tool box and toys. I cared about showing Brayden how his new toy works.
 My mother, bless her heart, likes to clean clean clean and no mess during Christmas. It stresses her out.
After Christmas, I reflected on our differences and remembered the biblical story of Martha & Mary in Luke 10:38-42. If you have never read the story, I will quickly explain it.

Jesus was visiting his friends Martha & Mary in Bethany with their brother, Lazarus. Martha was the busy hostess, running around worried about feeding everyone and tidying up. She noticed that her sister Mary was sitting down just listening to Jesus. Martha was angry and told Jesus how she felt. She expected Jesus to tell Mary to help her and reprimand her. Much to her surprise, Jesus reprimanded her and corrected her for being too anxious and worried about many things.

Which one are you? I have to admit, sometimes I am wayyyy too much of a Martha. Its important to be Martha - things need done in the house. But, Mary is just as important. What are we missing when we are just being a Martha? We are missing the Jesus is our life - in our children and our home.
A wonderful book is "Smart Martha's" and she talks about how to balance this in your life.
 A balance is very important, but I think Christmas is one of those times when more Mary can take over.
I know I would have missed the joy of Brayden playing with his sister. Caelyn truly enjoyed this Christmas and the laughter and smiles that filled my house were better than any cleaning.
 Years from now, what will my children remember? What do I want my children to remember? I don't want my kids remembering mom running around trying to clean up all Christmas and the next day.
I want to be the mom that spent 2 days on the floor with my kids, playing and enjoying their new toys with them and loving every single minute of it!
Andrew and I both share this view, usually. There are so many times I think to myself "if Jesus was here, what would he do? What would he want me to do?" The answer is usually pretty clear given the situation.

So, this Christmas, were you more of a Mary or a Martha? Or, are you well-balanced?
I'd love to hear your input!

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