Friday, December 28, 2012

A Merry Hayes Christmas

Merry Christmas! (a few days late!) We have had a very busy week and it has been full of joy (and some boo-boos - more on that later!)
We had Christmas Eve at our house. After everyone left, it was time to play Santa and set up the presents for the next day. 
 Big presents this year were:
Caelyn - a doll house and barn among a few other times and clothes
Brayden - a standing table and a few other toys plus clothes
Andrew - a scanner and crossbow
Me - a new camera and radio for under the kitchen counter plus other items!

After we opened our presents, I reflected for awhile and told Andrew how really blessed we are. We have beautiful children and Andrew has a solid job to allow us to give our children presents such as this. Not every family can afford presents for their babies on Christmas - we are blessed to be able to do so and very thankful that we can.
 Next it was off to Nonna and Pap Joe's house. They got both kids a number of presents and toys - Caelyn got her first big girl bike with training wheels!!
 Probably one of my favorite presents we gave this year was made by my aunt - matching aprons for Donna & Caelyn. Donna's is embroidered with Nonna and Caelyn's says Nonna's Helper with matching oven mitts. They bake all the time - usually weekly if not more - together!! She was so happy and loved it!

 It was off to my parents house after Andrew's parents. Brayden, at this point, wasn't happy and he whined nearly the whole time.
 My parents bought me the new iPhone 5 and I love it! My parents bought Andrew a tree-stand and boy was he happy! Caelyn got a leap pad and Brayden a number of toys and clothes for when he gets slightly bigger

 Naps were in order throughout the day - very much so! Poor kid was so pooped and overstimulated.
We had such a blessed day with family. This year, Caelyn really was excited for Christmas and opening presents. It was so much fun watching her joy and excitement each present.
Brayden was very excited to see new pacifiers in his stocking!
I hope all of my readers had a blessed and happy holiday with their families and friends.

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