Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year Resolutions

I've never been one to make serious New Years' Resolutions, but this year was different for Andrew and I. We decided there were some serious issues that need to be addressed and now was the perfect time to address these issues by form of a few new "resolutions."

The biggest and most important resolution this year is to:
- PAY OFF DEBT! We are going to be following Dave Ramsey (maybe not perfectly but as closely as possible). Debt is evil and we have a goal of being debt free, including mortgage, in 10 years. Its a long time - but by that time, we should be done having kids and we will have extra money to focus on the development of our children and taking longer vacations and such.
- Coupon even more! I have started slacking on my couponng and I need to save money to be able to add more to the debt pay off.

(Don't you love his pooping face? lol!)
-Open an Etsy store! Yes - I really want to open my own Etsy store to sell the things I crochet. I love love crocheting. I enjoy it so much, plus an extra few dollars in our pockets help with the number 1 resolution!
- Recruit 3 more Scentsy recruits for my team and make Star Consultant by the end of the year. Thats only one promotion a way. To do so, I want to make sure I spend an hour a day on business things such as sending thank you letters, filing, promoting, etc!

(The kids with my sister - they love her!)
- Be sure to make sure we have one Church event per week to attend either as a couple or as a family (besides Sunday Church). Once I start couponing more, I would love to do a small group at our church for couponing. 

- Because of increased couponing, I really want to be able to donate to our church once a month a box of food or hygenie products to give to needy families in our church or to soup kitchens.

We have a few other goals, but these are the ones I really want to focus on for us a family. There might be a few surprises (for you all) this year, but not for us!
I hope 2013 is as good to us as 2012!

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