Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Vacation Is All I Needed

Oh boy.. I sometimes pull a disappearing act and I did it again. I sometimes forget that I love to blog and I get distracted with everyday life. But lately, I've been feeling that drawing to going back to blogging and wanting to expand - wanting to expand into things I love such as gardening, home decorating, and my favorite - saving money, oh plus that little thing called parenting :)

But.. I wanted to give you all an update on how we are over here in this world.

Andrew and I are doing great. I don't think I ever updated this but in the beginning of September, we got engaged :) - my ring is perfect and lovely. Our wedding date - well its always up in the air, but I will explain why very soon ;-)

Caelyn is 26 months old - *cry* - my baby is growing into this little person all her own. On a daily basis, I am in awe of the wonderful things she does and says.
She is just as stubborn as I am, not that I expected anything less. She is beyond smart, loves to play, loves the outdoors, and her parents :).
Today, we went to the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Pottery Addition Volunteer Fire Department - Andrew recently became the new Assistant Chief. She had a blast!
She played on 'Daddy's Truck' for awhile and later this evening, he took her back over because she had such a blast playing on the truck - future firefighter? Maybe!
We bought a home! I will give you a tour soon :) Its a 3 bedroom home sitting on just over an acre of land. Currently, we are in the middle of adding an addition/sunroom area/family area over top of the garge, so it will look a bit different.
We had a lot of reasons to move. Our other home was just too small, it was a box basically. It was beside a bar and who wants that? Weekends were a nightmare... Plus this leads to one of the biggest announcements....
Our family is expanding as well!
That is right :) We are expecting! This is why our wedding is currently up in the air. We found out at the end of October, right when I found the dress of my dreams - God works in funny ways, right?
My due date is July 9th, 2012 and we are expecting a little BOY - Brayden Joseph. We are so excited. A bigger home was definitely needed for our growing family and we are so happy to welcome him into our home and grow as a family. I can't wait to see Caelyn meet him! I get teary eyed thinking of it.
In this picture, I am 26 weeks 3 days.
So, that is why is going on in the Hayes' house.
I am happy to be blogging again. I want to document the rest of this pregnancy.
I have been student teaching since the end of January. My last day in the classroom is April 19th and I am so ready. Student teaching has confirmed that...
- I am meant to be a SAHM - at least for awhile
- We will soooooo homeschool ;-)
- Teaching is definitely one of the hardest, yet most rewarding careers one could pick.
I know, some people cannot believe I have student loan debt but want to be a SAHM and thats right, I darn do. Andrew recently picked up a second job at Lowe's - its seasonal but we hope it'll become a part time job afterwards or I will apply for subbing after i graduate... I just am meant to stay home, as much as possible! Its God's calling for me.
Happy Easter! I will be back tomorrow evening with some lovely photos from our day ;-)

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