Thursday, September 15, 2011

Penne Frittata with Thyme

No picture! Sorry :( I sometimesLink suck at taking pictures when cooking, especially since this was an unplanned dinner.

Thursday evening, Andrew and I were watching Giada at Home and watched her make this meal. We both were like hmmmm.. this looks delicious! So, we changed our mind - no chicken fried steaks for us!
This is the original recipe from Giada

What did we do different?
Well.. we didn't add no lemon zest because I forgot lol. We both really enjoyed it. We used a whole box of penne but next time I think we are going to try to cut this in half. He asked me to put it on the next menu I make! Oh and we didn't have whipping cream - milk works fine!
We also decided next time, it needs some sharp cheddar cheese instead of just the pecorino that we used.

So.. the directions on the website.. But lets figure out if this is thrifty or not, shall we?

6 eggs - $.50 (Kroger eggs are often $1 per dozen)
1/4 cup milk - $.15 approx
Pasta - free (never pay for it with coupons!)
Parsley - Free for me because it came from grandparents garden
Thyme - $.20 (dried)
Pecorino - $2
Salt and pepper - $.04

Total - $2.89

When I add sharp cheddar, it will jump up the price a bit, but this was delicious!

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  1. This sounds like a great recipe. I will check out the recipe, thank you!