Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter - 2012!!

Happy Easter all! I hope everyone else had a fabulous day like we did! It started off with just the Caebug and I. Andrew worked :( and because of a large amount of call offs, he was unable to get done early, like he had hoped :(.
But.. We started off the day. She dug into her basket which included two dvds - Team Umizoomi and Max & Ruby, a gardening set, sidewalk chalk, some crayons, and a coloring book. She also got a swing! Plus candy. Duh.
She dug into the candy ASAP which of course resulted in a sugar high!

After awhile, we made our way to Andrew's parents house. They enjoyed watching her dig into their basket at their home - including lots of goodies as well :). Then, Pap Joe hid Easter eggs outside and we went out for an Easter egg hunt!
As a kid, I never did Easter egg hunts every year, but I think its so much fun and she had a BLAST. I think we created a new tradition.
We had such a nice time, despite Andrew missing out on it all. After we spent time with them, we were off to my parents house. They gave her some more goodies and presents, like an awesome bug catching net (my kid is a bug fanatic).
It was my Dad's and Grandma's birthdays today! They decided that they wanted to go to Olive Garden for dinner, so off we went. It was a lovely meal. Caelyn was so good - despite her having to stay seated for soo long (about 2 hours). She ate very well - it was just an overall good dinner out.
Plus, there was birthday cake... and who doesn't love birthday cake?!
Afterwards, we went to Andrew's grandma's house and met up with him and the rest of their family. We all relaxed and talked and enjoyed time together. Then.. we came home and she crashed!
Easter is a very tiring holiday ;-)
I hope your day was fabulous! Ours sure was.
Tomorrow is the last day of my break :( then I have 8 more days of teaching before my student teaching is finished and I am so ready to be done! So excited! Tomorrow is going to be full of things that need to get done!

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