Monday, April 9, 2012

27 Weeks With Number 2!

I kinda cheated - I took this yesterday, but I figured... eh, I won't change literally overnight, so its all good.

Since I'm back to blogging, I want to do an update weekly!
*Weight Gain: last time we checked, which was two weeks ago, I had only gained 1.5lbs, but I figure I must have gained another 2lbs by now. I was steadily losing weight and Brayden was gaining, so I was glad to see an increase in numbers.
* Next Appointment: Next week, the 16th, is my 28th week appointment. I get ultrasounds every two weeks for my cervix issues (I had a biospy which could potentially cause it to be weaker and shorten prematurely). I will get an ultrasound, my 2nd Rhogam shot for this pregnancy, and glucose test. Fun!
*Sleeping: I am sleeping pretty well, minus having to pee like every 2-3 hours. Joy!
*Any Problems?: No problems, just starting to actually FEEL pregnant. Bending over is harder, I need to take things slower, lifting needs to be done with my legs, not back..
*Movement: Oh, he finds my bladder and kicks the crap out of it. He is a mover, pretty frequently, and has a set schedule most days.

All in all, this pregnancy is pretty amazing. I had minimal sickness, I'm not gaining too much weight... Overall, life and pregnancy is feeling good. 13 more weeks til we meet our little man! I can't wait to see his face and squeeze him!

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