Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Toys for an 11 Month Old

When Christmas time came around recently, I was really confused as to what to get Caelyn for Christmas. She is 11 months old and I didn't want to buy toys that are way too advanced for her and, at the same time, I didn't want to get toys that she would get sick of in a month

I spent a lot of time looking in the stores, comparing toys and now, I am so glad with the selection thats I made.

First is the VTech Alphabet Train. Caelyn loves this thing! It can be rode on, pushed, etc. She loves the blocks and I like that it is an educational toy, teaching letters and the alphabet.
Next is the Maxim EverEarth Activity Walker. She loves this toy! I love that it is totally simple, its wood after all, but its very interactive for her. She plays with it frequently throughout the day as well as pushing it around and there is a little basket in the back.
Books! They were a huge hit this Christmas. This one happens to be her favorite. Its pretty large, the pages are easy for her to turn, and the pictures and colors are very interesting to her.

These are one of my favorite toys we got this year. Melissa & Doug peg puzzles. The pegs make it very easy for her to lift the pieces and to put them back. This is a perfect developmental toy for babies at this age. It develops motor skills and memory, as they remember where to put it and try to put it back into the correct slot. We spend a lot of time laughing and encouraging her to try. She claps after each time, she loves the feedback we give her.

Last, but not least, Caelyn loves baby dolls! She has a little stroller that I need to bring out again. She also puts them in her grocery cart. She has a few, but Baby Alive is her favorite. She loves to hold and kiss them.

I think these are some excellent toy suggestions for kids at this age group!

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