Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hey Lady Upstairs...

Living in an apartment has clear disadvantages. While, the rent is nice and not having to fix anything yourself is great, having someone live above you SUCKS.

You see, we are on clearly different schedules. I never hear her talk. She works weird hours and comes in when we are all going to sleep. She takes a shower at night and I always keep my fingers cross that she won't wake up Caelyn with her showering.
But, she wakes up late because she gets in late. Our apartments are set up in almost the same formats with her bathroom over mine and her bedroom over mine.

I really do like her, she is such a nice lady who lost her daughter a few years ago. She has a son who is a little younger than us. I wish that I could remind her that we do have a little baby down here who sleeps. Not saying that she is ALWAYS loud or something, but vacuuming at 1pm may seem like a good idea to a single lady, but 1pm is prime naptime! 1pm my girl is sound asleep and the running of a vacuum wakes her up.

I would never say anything because she never actually causes issues, besides sounds that she can't control. But, it makes me look forward to the days that we have our own home. I dream of it. Now that we are engaged and officially starting our lives together, I have began to dream of what we are going to do. I am so excited and I can't wait to be able to get a home of our own!
In the mean time.. I am hoping she moves her vacuuming to like 10am, when we are all awake and not sleeping!

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