Thursday, January 6, 2011

Destination, Destination...

All of this wedding thoughts and talks are giving me a headache, literally. It is mostly the talk about money. My parents, while not poor, are NOT made of money, in fact, not even close to it! I don't, in any way, want my parents to go into debt for a wedding.

I think every girl envisions their wedding a certain way and I was NEVER one to think that I would have a small wedding. I always thought that a large wedding would be the way to go for me, but suddenly I am beginning to doubt that and look at other options.

What do people picture as the ideal wedding, besides the whole church ordeal? A beach. Waves crashing behind you as you say your vows. Dinner on the beach afterwards. Beautiful, right? Yeah, we think so!
I mean, who wouldn't want to spend the evening laughing with family while viewing a scene like this one below?
I took that photo in New Jersey, on the lowest point of New Jersey, at a restaurant called Harpoon Henrys.

But, in all seriousness, I am thinking that.. my parents, Bretton, my grandparents, Robert's dad, Bonnie, and us go to the beach, wherever we pick and get married. Then, the next weekend, come back and have a beautiful, huge reception for all of our friends and family to celebrate with us.
Another shot from New Jersey... but, seriously, suddenly all I can think of is how beautiful a small, intimate wedding will be.
We sit here and think.. we are looking at a $10,000 wedding and in fact, we are paying so much money for a party! Its just a party that is costing us to much. Well, we can throw a party for a heck of a lot cheaper. The ceremony is what means the most to me, when Robert and I say our vows.
So, we will throw the party cheaper. We will have food made by my family and maybe The Ville, where I work, get some kegs, maybe a DJ but that depends on where we have it at, and celebrate with ALL of our family and friends. We will have a wedding cake and enjoy the day.
Honestly, the more that I think about it, the more that I can't stop smiling because it just feels so right.
If it feels right, then it probably is right, huh?


  1. I had a very small wedding just family. We paid a little extra to get married in a special location a small crypt in a old monestary we paid about 50 euro )65 bucks). I bought a dress from jcpenny for 100 mom paid and my friends grandma altered it for about 50 bucks. My moms friend did my hair and nails in return for avon products. I did my styling and makeup. We bought my husband and brother in law black shirts and white ties, and hubby dress shoes he had black slacks. Oh and my dad bought the wedding rings about 100 each. So my ceremony was less then 500 dollars, around 1000 if you include the whole legal process but you will not have that issue in the us.

    For the reception we had a small get together with family and friends in my husbands grandmothers garden, she has a 400 year old house it is the oldest in the village. My mother in law made a soup and that was our meal. Then we had a few homemade cakes also by family members and champagne and beer. Again less then 100 bucks. We did the german wedding traditions, then ate, and sat around and enjoyed everyones company :)

    What matters is what is important to you. We all envision fairy tale weddings, but how many people come is not what matters. There were times when I wishes I had the huge lavish things, but at the end of the day I look back with such fond memories and I know my day was not lacking. I have videos on youtube if you want to see under the username Serenajean1

    Make the day special how you want it, nothing else matters.

  2. heres a link, I guess i have it unlisted lol, odd