Saturday, January 1, 2011

Things to Do in 2011

Every year people make New Year resolutions and they break them by the next day. I don't have any thing planned that I could break, but I do know some things that I need to work on.
But, I want to make 2011 a great year. Its going to be a busy year! This next semester in school I have 6 classes, but, I will make it work. I think that I need to learn priorities and that I need to work on disconnecting from my computer too as well! But, this year, besides school, my focus is on myself and my family. For one, I really do want to work on my anger. I am going to buy some books and such and learn to control it. I am going to work on stopping my over-reactions. Thats important to me!
Ok, so onto what I want to do this year!

  1. Learn to Knit - pretty self explanatory, but it is something I want to learn how to do and how to do it well!
  2. Take a weekend getaway with Robert - this is needed. I am going to start researching places to go. I have considered NYC, but also even a cabin somewhere, just something for him and I to reconnect and spend time focusing on each other! I firmly believe that for a family to be strong, the parents relationship must be strong too, so it is important to work on it.
  3. Do the absolute best that I can in all of my classes - I can't say that I will ace them. I am taking economics and math is far from something I am strong at. But, this year, I will focus more on learning than on my computer!
  4. Pay off all credit cards! - this is possible because of my Pell Grant that I am getting. It is a grant that we get through student loans that we do not have to pay back. I am using it to pay off my credit cards then they are done!
  5. Learn to cook with more fresh produce - this is an ongoing thing, but I want to learn and create more recipes that I can use fun and yummy fresh produce in, even desserts and snacks!
  6. Read 2 books a month - I used to read A LOT and now I don't. I do have the time but I don't use it like I should. I am going to change that.
  7. Spend one day a month disconnected - we spend too much time on the computer, glued to the TV, on the phone, etc. One day a month we are going to disconnect! We are going to cook as a family, play games, talk. We can listen to music. Take walks, go places, whatever. Just be a family without all of those darn distractions!
  8. Spend more time outside - when the weather is nice, I am going to learn to take advantage of it. I am going to learn to go outside, to garden, to let Caelyn play in the dirt! Heck, maybe this summer I will become super tan as well!
  9. Go on a family vacation - me and my mom are already talking about where we want to go!
  10. Go to an amusement park - I don't know if it will be with or without Caelyn, but I want to go ride some rides at a local amusement park!
  11. Take a trip to the Children's Museum in Pittsburgh!
  12. Buy Robert a truck - he NEEDS one, there is no getting around that it is a necessity that we get him one!
  13. Go ice skating - Its far away, but next winter, I want us to go ice skating in Pittsburgh!
  14. Take Caelyn to her first Pirates game!
  15. Go to my first NFL football game - Steelers Baby!
  16. Go on a date night with Robert once a month!
  17. Learn a new recipe once a month - I want to expand my recipes, experiment, and find new things that our family likes.
  18. Take Caelyn to see Disney on Ice
  19. Change my sleeping patterns and start going to bed earlier!

A lot of the things that I have named I find are things that are going to create memories. I am finding thats important to me - memories. I want to do things that create memories for our family. I want to experience life and all that it has to offer and I want my daughter and Robert right there with me!

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  1. Memories are a wonderful part of life Mummum