Friday, December 31, 2010

Review of 2010

*Warning - Picture Overload!!!*
2010 was the craziest, but the absolute BEST year of my life. It started off with a bang and ended with a bang! I wanted to do a recap of what we did this year that made our year so fabulous!

To start off the year, 28 days after the start of 2010, at 12:36 on January 28th, Caelyn Marie Maris was born into this world. She was and still is the best thing that has happened to us. This photo was taken moments after she was taken out of my belly via c-section. What a beautiful, big, baby!
She was 9lbs 3oz and 21inches long. She had a full head of hair. We stayed in the hospital from January 27th (induced) til the 30th.
Family came from everywhere to see our beautiful little princess. What an amazing what to start off a year. Seriously, with a beginning like this, it was no doubt we were in for a ride!

We brought our girly home on January 30th. I remember the ride like it was yestered. Seriously, its less than a 3 minute ride from our house to the hospital, but I was braced for a baby meltdown. Nope, she never made a peep!

On February 6th, 2010 Steubenville was hit with snow! It was like 2 feet overnight. Our power went out, with a newborn! We freaked out, what to do? So... we called his father and down he came with his 4x4 Jeep to fetch us. That is her all as we got her out of her carseat at her Pappy's house!

The snow piled up pretty high. We went home the next day, but it was pretty good bonding time for us all.
We went home, my mom & Bretton came over and me and Robert went outside, shoveled and played in the snow.
After birthing a child, it was actually a lot of fun for me to relax!
Only a few days afterwards was our first Valentine's Day as a family. Please note how tired I look with little makeup. This, my friends, is what new motherhood does to a girl! It was the first time we left the baby and went out. We went to DeeJay's, a rib restaurant in town. We had a great dinner then took a drive around town.
In March 14th, we had our little baby baptized Catholic like her mama! She was so pretty in her baptismal dress. She was not happy during the ceremony, but it was great all the same!

I love this family photo! It was such a great day! Afterwards, we went to my parents house and celebrated our daughter's baptism with a lot of great food and yummy cake. It is such a special day for anyone!

As spring and summer rolled around, it became warm enough to go swimming! You LOVED swimming at a young age (4 months I do believe). I can only imagine how wild you will be in the pool next summer!
We began the adventure into baby food! She loved everything and anything (ok minus a few nasty things, but really, those, I don't blame her!).

In May for my mom's 40th birthday, we all went to Pittsburgh for dinner. Momma got to use her Ergo and Caelyn loved it - note: she slept in it!

The restaurant was Jerome Bettis' Grill 36. We highly recommend it. The prices are fabulous and the food is just a great. Its located across from the stadium on the North Side.
Afterwards, we walked the North Side. Caelyn was too little to even care. You just fell asleep on mommy. Caelyn was asleep in this picture.

We loved this water fountain. Seriously, its the perfect place for photo ops!
On day in June, while Robert was at work, we went to the zoo. It was Grandma Linda, my Mom, Bretton, Caelyn & I. Once again, she fell asleep in the Ergo, at least the last part of the zoo she did.
I ALWAYS have loved this part of the Pittsburgh Zoo! Its like some kind of wonky bridge that is in the trees, its probably a 20ft drop, but its fun and safe. Next year, I know she will be able to know whats happening!This is one of my favorite photos. After she slept on me for about an hour and we reached the end of the park, she woke up. I snapped this shot and its so pretty of her!
Here she is in her stroller, tired.. Poor kid! A trip to the zoo is tiring for anyone!
In June, we went to Put-In Bay, on Lake Erie - without Robert, once again! Poor guy! lol

Grandma Linda, Gigi, my Mom, Caeyln, Bretton & I went. She was really good on the car ride. She hung out in the Ergo for the last part of the trip as we looked at a really cool car museum. At this point, we all were soooo ready to go home!!

But, earlier in the day, we looked a lot less.... sweaty! lol
We walked the streets of Put-in Bay. We ate a few meals, saw the sights, and shopped. It was definitely a nice girls day out - a girls day out with 5 generations!

Then came our first vacation as a family!! We went to New Jersey, like always. Wildwood is an amazing place for a family to vacation. Caelyn got to experience her first beach, not that she will remember but Mommy & Daddy will always!
She loved the beach, loved the waves, loved the water and the taste of it (ew?). She was a wonderful baby the entire trip. God, I hope she is always like that on vacation!
It was a quick trip, only like 3 days, we are getting sick of going to the same place! lol But, it was great!

We didn't go alone. Not only was it Robert, Caelyn, my parents, Bretton, and I, but Grandma Nanny, Pap Rich & Hayden came with us! It was a nice trip for our family and it created great memories we will have forever.
In the months following vacation, we watched our baby grow up. We watched her learn to crawl, learn to say words, learn to sign, learn to understand so many things and learn to walk, and now run!
She is growing up before our eyes!
We had my Aunt Heather's friend Amanda take Caelyn's 8 month photos. She is going to be taking our wedding photos as well!We took them in an old, beautiful cemetary here in town. I loved how they came out!
I love this one. She looks so beautiful

Not long after the photoshoot came Halloween! Our little girl became our little puppy! We took her around, got a few pieces of candy, but it was cold. We just wanted her to see the other costumes mostly!

Halloween brings in the next holidays and we had our first Thanksgiving together with a baby! She loved the turkey and the food. We had a blast, as usual. I love holidays with a baby!!
Then, Christmas came! We had a great Christmas!! We loved watching her see the toys and presents and play with them!

On Christmas 2010, Robert asked me to be his wife. It was a question I have been wanting to hear for a long time and I gladly said yes. It was perfect and he asked with our baby sitting beside us, laughing as she played with the new toys that Santa had brought her.
All in all, 2010 has been amazing. It has been a year of memories, of change, of new additions, of learning, of growing. It has been a year that I will relive in my memories and this blog. I am thankful for this blog because I can forever see our family and the memories, like when I print it out in March. Its an amazing thing. Its like a book of our family's life together.
2011 is bringing a new chapter for our family. Our baby is almost a year old. We have a birthday to plan, a wedding to start planning. I will finish 2 semesters of the 3 that I need to graduate. We are working on a budget to pay off things. I want to take a weekend away very soon with my man.
I am working on a life bucket list. I am hoping to check a few things off of it this year.
I do have a list of things I want to accomplish in 2011. I always think that it is stupid, but it is going to be my 2011 bucket list, along with having a life bucket list. I plan on checking the things off the list on this blog, as I recap with you guys as the things happen.
I hope your family had an amazing 2010 and I hope only wonderful things for you in 2011! Much love from our family to yours!

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