Thursday, December 30, 2010

11 Months, Baby!

This post should have been written 2 days ago, but I too was sick lol so I was totally unable to write it as I hung over the toilet lol!

Dear Caelyn -
Baby, you are 11 months old! Where did the months go? Your personality is coming through and you are your momma's daughter for sure!

So far...
- You are running! Go baby Go.. wait, come back! lol You never stop!
- You really enjoy screaming as loud as you can when you don't get your way. You too have a temper like me and your Grandma!
- We have been giving you a lot of table foods and you are doing great! I don't know if I can even name everything you've had, but you love hot dogs and pizza - a true kid - and love peas, green beans, olives (ew?), sweet potatoes, breads of all sorts, chicken, turkey, and tons of other things.
- I love to watch you play because you are finally getting what you are supposed to do with the toys.
- You love Dora, Diego, and Signing Times. We watch them
- You can sign - bottle, diaper, eat, more, all done.
- You like to be read to and will sit for a book.

I think one of the most exciting things is just watching you understand more. It is so obvious how much more you understand and how much you understand what we are saying to you. Thats a joy. You are a joy, when you aren't screaming at the top of your lungs!

You are momma's love, heart, and soul. I love you, even when I make you mad and refuse to hold you for 30 minutes after you fall asleep (your new want). I promise you I do. I promise you that I love you. I love how you petted me when I was feeling sick. I love when you give me kisses. I even love that you are starting to say "ma" even if it is just when you get upset and mad, its a start.

Keep growing baby! We are behind you, cheering you on! Go baby, go!

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