Monday, December 27, 2010

Caelyn's First Christmas & Sickness Plus an Announcement!

Well, Christmas has come and gone! All of the planning and shopping that was done was over in one day. Its amazing. That has always surprised me. Some people shop for Christmas, ONE DAY, all year round. Anyway...

So, Christmas Eve started the festivities. Caelyn got all dressed up in her fun little outfit! Doesn't she just look so darn cute?

I love my little munchkin! And those tights were just soo cute, minus the fact that they had a hole in them that I never saw before I took them out of the package (Thanks Target!) so I had to sew them up real fast. Oh well.

I really like this photo of Caelyn & I. We never get really good pictures. I like this, I just wish she was smiling as well!

So, first off we went to Robert's aunt's house for a little dinner. Caelyn had a good time chasing her cousins around. She wouldn't leave them alone. She loves other kids!

Honestly, she doesn't see them very frequently, so.. it was nice to spend time with them.

Then, off we went to my Aunt Tami's house. Most of my mom's family was there. We all had a nice time and had a lot of stuff to eat.

Our little family. I just love this picture! For some reason, this photo makes me wish we could expand our family... Now! lol (Thats NOT the announcement, I promise!)

Haha, these photos make me laugh because they are classic take-photos-of-yourself poses that I have a million of with different people. But, these are two good photos of Robert & I, then Bretton (my little sister) and I! I actually like the one of me and Bretton enough that I think I might print it out.

Alright, so.. after the party, we went home. My parents brought of our PJs. Caelyn got Christmas Dora jammies. Dora is her favorite, so she was pretty excited.

She went to bed after I read her "Twas the Night Before Christmas" - a family tradition. Then.. off to sleep she went.

Some time after she went to sleep, Santa visited and let a lot of toys for Caelyn! She must have been a really really good girl this year!

Needless to say, when she woke up, she was in shock and totally surprised. She had no idea what to think!
So far, these two have been her absolute favorites. First is this wooden activity center. I really like this one.. there is a lot of activities for her to do and she enjoys playing with it.

The VTech Alphabet train.. well.. those darn blocks that come with it are ALL OVER my living room, but besides that, she loves it. We took it on Christmas with us places because she loved it so much she cried if you took it away. Go figure.

So, after our Christmas morning, we went to my parent's house.

My amazing parents bought us a grill! Awesome! Now I can't wait for spring and grilling chicken and hot dogs.. I think I want to use our outdoors this year, but thats for a different post lol.

They got Caelyn a lot of toys, clothes, and a power wheel quad for spring time. It was on mega sale so my mom picked it up!

Oh my, I forgot to say what Robert and I gave each other lol. Besides the massive amounts of toys and clothes we got our baby... I bought him a Blu-ray DVD player, some DVDs, a game for his wii and a game for the PS3.. a new Xbox360 controller (yes we have all 3 systems.. why? IDK!).. and a few shirts and a hoodie. He bought me a $50 giftcard to Joanns! (yessss.. I get to do some projects!) and a new Paula Deen cookware set!! I was sooo happy lol plus a dvd and a Wii game - Donkey Kong!

His Aunt Becky came over to give Caelyn her gifts, then off we went to my parent's house.

My grandparents were there.. and they gave us their gifts (Thanks everyone!!).. then we had some AMAZING FOOD!! We always have ham, green beans, lasanga, and wedding soup for Christmas dinner. Delicious. Seriously. I have never had wedding soup as good as my Nana's.. and no restaurant can ever top wedding soup made by an almost 90 year old Italian grandma!

So.. after dinner, we hightailed it up to Robert's dad's house. We were there from 6:30 til 10. We honestly had a great time! They, as well, had lasanga.

They, as well, got Caelyn a lot of toys, like a dancing Elmo and a lot of books, plus very nice outfits. But, her favorite toy was the wagon. Who would think she would actually love the wagon?!

She refused to come out of it half of the time she was there. Robert pulled her around the house and she pretended to talk on her cell phone that they bought for her. It was seriously adorable. She still loves it and its sitting in our living room and she climbs in and out of the door lol.

Well, afterwards, we went home.. put her to sleep, and played Just Dance for the Wii. Its hard!
We went to bed, but woke up at 4:30am to a puking baby. She threw up in her bed, then on the floor.. Then dry heaved until 10:30am.. the longest stretch was an hour.. In between each time she would literally collapse.. and fall right back to sleep on us..
Then, she finally did the last one at 10:30. After that, it was just a slow process of getting fluids and some food, but mostly fluids back into her.. She drank almost a whole bottle of Pedialyte.. and she was feeling a lot better.. This was the first sickness besides a snotty nose that we have ever had to deal with.
But, she was still able to play with her new toys!
We were all exhausted, she went to bed early at like 8pm and wanted us to hold her for along time, so we did.. she woke up at 1am and didn't want to go back to bed til 2am.. but I dealt with it..
She just went down for a nap and its time to clean!
Oh wait.. the Annoucement you ask.. hmm.
Well, I forgot to mention that Robert got me another present that I didn't tell you guys about!
An Engagement Ring! Yes, its official!! We are engaged! It feels so wonderful to say that!
I have a picture of the ring on my phone that I will post later.. We are going tonight to drop it off to have it sized. Oh, I love it and love him!

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