Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sign It Baby, Sign It!

Have you ever heard of Baby Signing Time?
Well.. if you haven't, you sooo need to try it out! I first heard about it on the facebook wall of Babysteals - by the way, if you have never tried that site out, you REALLY REALLY need to! - but all these women were talking about BST or Baby Signing Time. I really didn't understand the craze. I mean, I had heard about teaching babies sign language, but it seemed like a lot of work and I don't know ASL (American Sign Language) so what kind of teacher was I going to be?

Whatever.. So all of these women were talking about it... so I went out and I ordered the volume 1 DVD from Amazon. I think it was like $18 maybe? I was really excited.. We watched it, but she didn't seem too interested. Well, I kept trying, every day I would put the DVD in for a bit. Its like 24 minutes long so I let it play two times. Soon, I realized.. that Caelyn really really enjoyed it! Score one for me.
Well, before we received it, I had learned the sign for "milk" and started using it frequently whenever she was drinking her bottle. Soon, within a few weeks of watching the DVDs, I noticed she would sign "milk" when she actually wanted one. When she was sleepy and it was bed time, we would notice her signing milk.
It has been about 2 months now since I ordered the first DVD and so far, our little girl can sign "milk" "more" "all done" "eat" "diaper" I think thats great! What is amazing is that it really opens up communication. Its strange, but talking is actually difficult for our wee ones. But, they can learn signs.
My grandpa at first asked how would she understand what the words meant. I told him, its just like.. she understands when I say baby come here, but she can't say it yet. She understands tons of words, but can't say them. It is the same concept.
Anyway, it is amazing. Recently, she was very fussy and I asked her what was wrong, what did she want and she immediately signed "eat." She was hungry. Off we went to fill up her belly. Sometimes she signs "milk" but if can mean she is thirsty or is ready to sleep, it depends on the time, as she hasn't learned the sign for "drink" yet.
I would soooo recommend to anyone to try this out! I love that it broadens communication with my daughter. Amazing. Every day she learns more. I can see her trying to learn to sign "grandpa" she has one part of it down when I say "pap pap."
It is important to be committed when you get it though! You will learn the signs lol after watching it a million times! But, we use the signs even when the DVD isn't on! During lunch, we ask if she is all done or wants more to eat. She signs "milk" when she needs a drink.
I promise its awesome!
Have you tried it? Did it work or not? Let me know!


  1. Just started following your blog and I am encouraged by this post.I have been wanting to try Signing times but just didn't want to fork out.I want to learn to communicate with Josh he is 8 months but also because he was born with Microtia.Microtia is a rare birth defect that affects 1 in 10,000 where the ear and ear canal never form.Thanks for bringing awareness to products like this.Missy mama to Joshua

  2. Yes! Try it out! I know many moms that use it and have great results. Its amazing to be able to communicate with our little ones!