Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Turkey Day!

I really had wanted to post this on Thursday night, but we got home late, plus early to bed for Black Friday shopping, then I worked all day! Yikes! But, today.. I am off so therefore, I needed to post this.

Babies first Thanksgiving! It was a great day, full of new memories and new traditions. I loved it.

This was taken at the end of the night, I look terrible, but it was after a long day!

We started off the day by waking up and cooking a HUGE breakfast! Wow, it was super yummy. I got a few of the recipes from The Pioneer Woman, I love that site and her! She is beyond amazing.
I baked French Breakfast Puffs, scrambled eggs, sausage, and Biscuits and Gravy. My oh my, it was a feast and it was delicious. There was so much food I had to laugh at how I overcook.

I have to give some credit to Robert. He really pitched right in and helped however I told him. Plus, it was his idea! Now that we have our little munckin, he really wants to have some traditions during holidays, so.. a big breakfast on Thanksgiving! We both love that idea that one day, our munchkin (maybe munchkins in a few years) will help us cook!

So, off we went to my Grandma Linda's house for Thanksgiving. Oh the food was so yummy!
Can you believe how big she looks here?! haha.. we had to buy a booster so she could sit with us. She chowed down with us, eating biscuits, some turkey, bites of sweet potato and mashed potatoes, plus pumpkin pie and cool whip!

I promise I'm not pregnant again despite the way this picture looks! This is my baby cousin Corey. I haven't had a great picture of us in a long time.. I love this! I love him so much. We grew up together, lived together, spent days and days together throughout our childhood. He is more than a cousin, he is like a brother... a lot taller, but younger cousin!
- side not, I am 5'11"... He is.. 6'5"ish..

Other family came from out of town, like my Aunt Joell! Isn't this picture so good?! I love her! She is my mom's sister.. Her, her husband, and two kids came in from the Toledo area.

The girl in the background is Joell's daughter, Molly - such a beautiful girl! Here is Caelyn in her Thanksgiving shirt!
What a wonderful day, full of family. Isn't that what the holidays are for? Besides the history behind Thanksgiving, I love the family times. I love introducing Caelyn to all of this. It is the best. She is growing up with a huge family behind her, supporting her..
Thank God!

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