Monday, November 29, 2010

Coming To An End

Thursday is my last day of classes for the semester - Yippee! But, with the ending of classes comes finals - not so Yippee!

I am getting nervous.
You see, my grades are all over the board this semester.
My education class is an A - I loved the class and it was taught wonderfully.
My economic class, well, I will be lucky to pull a D out. I, in all of my years of school, have never prayed for a D, but that is what I am doing right now. A D will allow me to pass! I just honestly am not good a math, or anything that has any kind of numbers in it. I just can't wrap my head around them. Plus, my teacher is not the best teacher. I don't like that assignments are due online all of the time. We are using an online program and the first half of the semester we were just left on our own to do the assignments before we got to class, then he taught us. Well then he changed it so he taught the lesson, we did the assignment, then the next class we reviewed. I would have preferrred them due after we reviewed. Oh well, I can't be the best at all classes, right?
My two history courses - I will probably pull a B in the European history class and hopefully a B or C in my Russian history class, depends on the grade of the paper we had to write that took me forever to write!
My anthropology class.. well.. maybe a D or C, depends on how well I do on the final and my last take home final.

I just hate school and my classes this semester were terrible. Next semester will hopefully be better. I did nothing different this semester - I take great notes, I pay attention in class (90% of the time! Sometimes I doze.. but come on, I am a tired college student plus a momma!), sometimes I really attribute my grades to the teacher. My teacher for anthropology is the #1 worse teacher I have ever had. EVER. I can't believe he still has a job. He doesn't even teach!

Ah well, I will live.
When I stress about grades, I just center myself and remind myself... While grades matter, in 10 years, this class will not mean anything. What will matter is my family.

I am trying to focus on my family.
Caelyn is sick, so this makes it even harder. Trying to study and such with a sick kiddo is tough. They need to teach one how to do that in school! Who need all of this stupid economics crap? I want a class that teaches me things that matter - like how to cook a good piece of chicken, and how to deglaze with wine! I want a class that teaches me to knit. Oh, how about one that teaches how to do laundry? I like to separate mine, do you?
Seriously - in the game that is life - the quantity of money supply in the Real GDP really doesn't mean crap.
I needed that off of my chest!

I am going to go scream in my pillow and imagine I am beating up all of the bullies that are economics.

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