Friday, November 5, 2010

Benefits of Cloth

In light of the whole CBS cloth scandal that they brought upon themselves because of lack of information, I wanted to make a little post about CDing and my experience so far.

Cloth diapering has been the best parenting decision so far. Well, one of them. I personally love cloth diapers and I love seeing her cute butt in cloth. Its so adorable. But, besides the total cute factor, there are REAL benefits to cloth diapers.

Saving money! Who really doesn't like to save money? I might not be saving now because I am buying tons of cute diapers lol but really, it is very very easy to save money with cloth. Super easy. Prefolds and flats are the most cost effective option and while they seem hard, they truly are not. Even so, a stash of just pockets, AIOs would save money if the average family spends $2,500 on disposable diapers per family!

Do you remember the Pampers Dry Max scandal? When those poor poor babies had CHEMICAL burns on their butts?! Yeah. That doesn't happen with cloth. How could it? There aren't any chemicals in cloth!

Speaking of that, rashes are far less frequent with cloth than with disposables. Caelyn has rarely had rashes. She might get a bit red but it tends to be from being in sposies and even if she is red, a couple hours in flats cure it - air circulation!

I won't even get into how long it takes to decompose a disposable diaper, but I do want you to think about what chemicals go into making disposable diapers. They are made with plastic, wood pulp and all kinds of poly chemicals, some of which have been linked to infertility. I encourage you to do research and decide if putting those chemicals near your baby is worth it.

I never want to push someone into something, especially cloth. But, there are amazing benefits to this! I urge you all to do research. Go to and talk to the lovely ladies who will help you make up a stash for your baby. Go to and read reviews on kinds of diapers. If in the end you decide it isn't right for you, then you did the research and maybe even tried. It is better than the biased opinion from CBS.

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  1. I was highly disappointed with the whole CBS thing...the comparison was meant to re-affirm people's old style thoughts of cloth...I mean they showed no new style cloth diapers, not even a snappi!! I thought that if they would have shown the newer style cloth diapers people would have gained interest.