Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things To Come!!

Well, Robert has his interview today.. and is hired pending the results of his drug test! I could do a little dance right now!
Last night, I was worried, just thinking about money.. But now? I am just looking at it all as another step in our life as a family, an adventure almost. I just know things will work out.
I spent some time in prayer/thoughts and just came out of it with a sense of peace and just realized.. I am stressing about what has yet to come.
This is my chance to try my hand at being super frugal - which is great for our family actually! I have thought about it and decided to start cooking from scratch as much as possible. I have found some amazing ideas on and different websites like Hillbillyhousewife and a few others!
This will be a healthier, more budget friendly option for us.

As I said, this is just another adventure in our life together as a family, and I see it as another step towards being an "official" family if you know what I mean!!! Yes, my friends, that is coming up and I can feel it too!

One another note, Caelyn was 8 months old today. That baby is the light of my life - I love her beyond words. We got a taste of what his schedule will be like. He was home around the time he would be home with this job and honestly, it was great! I can tell how much Caelyn loves Robert being around him so much. We love to play and hang out, have dinner together, and just have fun. She is so much happier when we both are here, so I know the nights to come will be wonderful.

I currently am loving life!

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  1. My husband quit his high-paying job to start his own company a little over a year ago. Ever since, we have been on a "consumer diet" - we gave up buying anything we didn't absolutely need. And, you know what? I'm happier without all the extra "stuff"!! Its actually quite liberating to remove the need to need.