Monday, September 27, 2010

Things Are Changing

I think the number one thing that SUCKS about growing up is the worry of money. When you are young, it might as well grow on trees. Now that I am older, I would kill for a money tree.

Robert has an interview tomorrow for a job, a real job that has a real paycheck.. He starts off making $10 an hour.. He hasn't been hired yet, but my friend works there and basically said he is in.. so we are keeping our fingers crossed.
While the job has some great perks to it such as set hours, overtime, benefits package, and paid vacations, the negative is it is less than what he makes now. I feel like in the end, it will balance out since with the restaurant business coming to its peak season, I will be making more than usual.. I only work one day this weekend, but in general, I work two days a weekend.. If things are tight, I can work 3 days.
This basically means that.. 1) I thank God that I cloth diaper! 2) I do have to make sure I work 2 days a week 3) I need to set a tight budget and stick to it and 4) more couponing than ever before!
With this job, he can also take night classes, get a certification to weld, and in the end, better our family life, but I know this is going to be tight..

Tell me it is going to be worth it! This month he made like 2500.. this job.. he will probably only make 1300.. I have to stop spending! But, that pay isn't normal..

Ok, stop complaining.. I am thankful for this great chance to have a better job to better our family when so many people out there do not even have a job!

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