Saturday, August 28, 2010

Packing Those School Lunches

School time! Yes, I started back at the university.. so much fun. Not! Its actually too much stress! But, it happens, right.

Well.. school time = school shopping and while searching Wal-Mart for that perfect pack of pens, I spot lunchboxes and it made me smile like a fool. Even though I plan on homeschooling for the first few grades, then sending my kids to school afterwards unless we move to Alaska in which case I might just homeschool all the way through. Who knows! But, I still want my kids to have lunchboxes packed for them - for lunch at the park, or lunch at the zoo or whatever kind of adventures we go on. See, I fantasize about the weirdest things, right?

Since I have no fun lunches to pack for Caelyn yet, I decided to find some websites with some great lunch ideas for you guys. My mom packed my lunch til I graduated. Yes, seriously, she did so. But, it wasn't creative which is ok. She did it in the morning before getting ready for work. When I pack Caelyn's lunches, I sure want to do something fun besides little notes for her.
I love this website: Easy Lunch Boxes It is a system that you can buy and it looks like tupperware but I hear it is 10times stronger than tupperware. I like some of the items for lunches..
A lot of them incorporate leftovers.. like leftover pizza, chicken strips, chicken legs. My favorite is the chicken and cheese wrap with sesame crackers - yum?!

Another awesome website is Wendolonia serving up lunches in the Bento Boxes.
360 Lunches Boxes offers another website full of yummy ideas for your little ones.

Is meat not your cup of tea?! Thats fine! Vegan Lunch Box has plenty of ideas. If you surf back in the earlier years of the blog, you will find some seriously yummy lunch boxes even for those who are meat eaters.

Another blog that I enjoy for reading cute lunches and just fun recipes is Give Peas a Chance.

A super fun blog!? Another Lunch - I think the name is fun because these lunches are so not just another lunch! This is a seriously awesome website that makes me glad to be a mom - that we do these fun things for our kids!

Reading these blogs I see some of the coolest things like egg molds, who thinks of molding a hardboiled eggs?! These moms do! And its so cool! Thats a great way to get a kid to eat a hardboiled egg lol.

These lunches are fun, colorful and actually make kids want to eat their lunches. Genius.

Happy Lunch Making!

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