Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our First Family Vacation!

Hello my lovely friends - Sorry that I have been absent! August 9th til the 12th we were on a short vacation to our usual vacation spot, Wildwood, NJ - Caelyn's first vacation, our first family vacation, and her first time at the beach!
I have been meaning to upload some pictures, so be prepared for overload of cuteness pictures!

Caelyn's first time heading to the beach with Daddy! I love that darn hat!
I really love this picture of her. We were hanging out at the hotel pool. She is so curious and I love it! I want her to keep that curiousity inside of her. She looks and stares and takes in everything. She was watching her cousin, Hayden, swim and was soooo intrigued!

Here she is hanging out in her beach tent, eating the sheet! I could just eat her up!

Our little family in Cape May, NJ, after we ate at one of our favorite restaurants - Harpoon Henrys - which is totally delicious!

Hanging out in her stroller on the boardwalk. She was up super late this night but she had a blast. She LOVED seeing all of the bright lights, people, and colors. It was like excitement overload for her but she loved every minute til she passed out!

Daddy & Caelyn playing in the water. She just loves water - the bath, the pool, and the ocean! She loves to splash and try to eat the water and sand - which she succeeded at doing. Yes, she ate salt water and sand and seemed to really enjoy both? Ew?!

Trying to crawl in the water - not that she can crawl yet, but very very close to doing so!

So, my mom decided that we needed to all be cheesy and wear white shirts and take pictures together lol. I really do like this picture of us though, it turned out well!

I really like this one - my dad, my mom, Robert, Bretton, Caelyn & I - except I am straining my neck for some odd reason? Or I just really have a long neck! lol

I think this is my favorite cheesy picture my mom made us take. I think this is one of the best photos of Bretton & I!
Hayden, our cousin, me, Bretton & Caelyn - This is definitely a great picture!

My family! This turned out to be another good one again! I guess the cheesy pictures aren't bad haha.
I am back into the groove of things, so hopefully back to the blogging world once again!


  1. fabulous pictures! looks like you guys had fun :)

  2. Hi!

    What a fabulous family! We'd love if you'd follow our *new* blog. Come laugh, cry, and grow with us at:

  3. I like the photos of your daughter in the water! That must have been really fun for her. I also like the white shirt photos. I think they look good. :)

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time! I love the photos!!