Saturday, August 7, 2010

Corporal Punishment In Schools

Until I saw a post on, I had no idea that states still allowed this (and I am studying to become a teacher so you would think I would know, but I guess not!).

Here is a link with the list of states saying whether or not it is legal:

I really want to know your opinion on this.

My opinion? I plan on homeschooling anyway. Ohio, apparently it is legal.. but we want to move to Alaska anyway where it is illegal (go Alaska!). But i know the public schools that I attend never did corporal punishments and still don't but the fact that they are allowed to makes me sooo angry!

I don't believe in spanking a child, that is just my opinion personal opinion, so I definitely do not want some stupid teacher paddling my child! I'll take that paddle and shove it up their ass. My blood begins to boil when it comes to protecting my baby!

I don't think that it should be legal. There are non-violent way to punish a child and to work through issues.

Now that I have stated my opinion, I would LOVE to know yours!? Do you agree with me? Or disagree?


  1. Well, I don't have a problem with spanking my own child - that's how I was raised, and I thought it taught the lesson pretty quick and easy.. However.. Another person spanking my child? I'd kick their ass to hell. It would be bad news for them.

  2. Totally agree Nic! Sometimes, a spanking is needed.. but a teacher spanking my kid or paddling them? They'd get that paddle shoved up their ass lol

  3. I don't think spanking is OK ever, no matter who's doling it out. I don't think physical dominance over a child is how to teach them right from wrong. I don't think spanking teaches anything positive AT ALL. It makes me sick to my stomach that corporal punishment is still allowed in some schools.

  4. As a family therapist I could always tell who spanked vs who didn't...the families who did ALWAYS asked me for tips on how to get their tot to stop hitting them/people when they were frustrated. Stop spanking them; they learn out to behave by watching you and if you hit when you're frustrated, they're going to hit when frustrated.

    On the note about it in school...I lived in NC for 2 years and it was acceptable and used. I think it was school policy, but parents would be notified and preferred to be present for punishments. The parent would have the choice if they or the principal did it. I was shocked and appalled. It seemed to be more favorable with the elementary school and used on occasion in the middle school (never heard of it used in the high school). Seriously shocked me.

  5. Thankfully it is illegal in Oregon! I'd be pi**ed if some stupid teacher, who apparently can't keep control of her classroom and has to resort to spanking, ever tries to spank my child. We spank occasionally at home when nothing else seems to work. Schools are in no position to spank a child!

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