Thursday, July 22, 2010

Slow Down Baby Girl! Slow Down!

I want to tell her to slow down.. Caelyn is just learning and changing so much lately, that I can't keep up with it I don't know how she is! Maybe thats why she is sleeping like crazy lately.
I was amazed when recently she started rolling. She can do a complete roll from her back to her belly then belly to back again, so fast that I looked at her one moment, looked at my computer then back up and she was across the living room, grabbing the wii stuff.
Opps! Time to move the video games I guess!
I was just amazed. I could watch her roll for hours. I love watching her learn.
Now?! She is TRYING to crawl. OMG! Please stop! Her sitting abilites are great, sure she topples over but it usually comes from just trying to get a toy that is a too far from reach. Speaking of that.. she has learned how to lean over, hold herself up with one arm and use the other arm to reach reach reach for that perfect toy! Oh, I love to watch her pick which toy she wants!
As for the crawling, it is truly frustrating for her. She tucks one leg under her and sticks the other leg out.. Hello Stanky Legg?! lol in a baby crawling version. She uses the leg out to push up her butt with (this is how she gets those toys) then she leans forward with her hands on the ground. A few times she gets into the crawling position, looks at me like alright mom, now what?! Then starts to scream because she wants to go! She has butt scooted a few times, like just now trying to get to the nicely folded basket of clothes.
She loves toys! I basically am buying a couple toys a week now; I always tell Robert that as long as they are in good condition, our next little one can use them too. Thats how I justify stuff! lol.
Lately, she has gotten 3 new toys and I am considering what else to get her.
Our floor looks crazy; I can only imagine what it will look like when she starts to pull stuff out!

I can't keep up with how much my baby is changing... is there a slow motion button?


  1. but isn't is so fun to watch them learn! I love it! I want time to slow down....but they just get more fun as they get older :)

  2. i love each new phase... it's so fun to watch all the changes but they do grow up way too quickly!

  3. I was thinking the same thing today about my baby - he's 19 Monday. Enjoy every moment. It speeds by. :)

    Hey, I'm following your from MBC. Would love a follow back to TheBusyChick.Com