Friday, July 30, 2010

Half Birthday

So, I am a bad bad blogger and this should have been posted Wednesday, the 28th, so lets pretend for a moment that it is Wednesday again!

Dear Caelyn -
Happy half birthday baby! You are 6months old and I don't know where the days and months went - they FLEW by. You are the joy in our lives - you make us a family. Everyday when I wake up, I know you will fill my days with happiness.
I feel like you have changed so much in this month that I could barely keep up.

You have started to roll and within a few days, you were rolling all over the house. Now my days are filled with chasing after a rolling body before you hit the hardwood floor or the tile. You are a quick one.
You can sit up and stay up without any help from the boppy which is great. We are so proud of you.
You are trying to crawl.. and I love when you get on all 4 and look at me for help.
You love to hold onto your mirror toy on the floor and get on your knees - such a funny baby.

Toys are so much fun - we have filled our house with toys for you little girl and more coming each day it seems.
You have this toy that you sit in front of and it has a mirror. You are so smart - you look at the side of the mirror and you can see me sitting in the recliner behind you so you stare at me until I make a face and then you giggle!
Did I mention how much you love your Daddy and want to be wherever he is?
We bought another stroller for you and when Daddy set it up, you were trying to crawl into his lap to watch him. It was so precious.
You eat so much now I won't even list it all but you are trying out yogurt and meats. You love some good mashed potatoes!
No more ducky bath tub - you are a big girl and sit in the tub or lay back!
I can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring us. I know it will be nothing but joy.
We love you little girl

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