Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Year Older

Well, yesterday, July 19th, I turned 21. The big 21 - uh oh. It definitely was not what I pictured. I'm not sure if I imagined confetti coming down from the heavens to celebrate the day that the USA finally deems me mature enough to handle a beer. I really believe that a lower drinking age would lead to less DUIs and drunken accidents. Anyway, I didn't feel different; I didn't feel older. I never pictured turned 21 and being a mother. I always pictured my 21st birthday to be a day that I got so drunk that I blacked out (as I had done in high school) but it wasn't like that.
My mother watched Caelyn for us, but didn't keep her overnight - we never asked, so I'm not sure if she would have anyway.
Robert and I went up to Pittsburgh to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I adore that place. I was finally able to order my first legal drink - a delicious Sour Apple Martini - and she didn't card me. Bust. I was so excited to whip out my legal license. Whatever! So, I had 2 $10 Martinis. Robert almost died when I saw that price on the bill! We had a yummy dinner, cheesecake, 2 martinis for me and a mixed drink for him and we were ready to go. I love spending time with him. We do get time together - but hardly ever when we are alone and out.
So, we drove home and went to The Ville, the restaurant where I work at and drank until like 10:30-11 when we had to go home because my mom was tired and wanted to go home to go to bed. Which I was ok with because I was tipsy. I haven't drank in so long that I am a lightweight.
All in all.. I had 3 martinis, a margirita on the rocks and a bud light lime. That equals tipsy and feeling good to me.

Folks, I'm legal - watch out!


  1. Well Happy Birthday. I never pictured my 21st to be the way it was. I got my tubes tide for my 21st birthday. Yea for me. Plus - what tops it the most - for my 18th birthday, I got a gliding rocking chair. WOW! Im a huge partier. lol

  2. Happy birthday! No worries! I think life is seldom what I thought it would be but the little surprises of life make it so much better! Enjoy your daughter because they grow up so quickly!

  3. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you got to go out with your man w/o the baby!