Sunday, July 18, 2010

Being Prepared

Now, I am in way a believer of all this hopla that the world is coming to an end because of the oil spill. I call bull on all of that! But, I really do believe that natural disasters happen along with human disasters, unleashed by mankind upon their own as sad as it may be.
Awhile back, I wrote a post about an emergency kit for the car for your kids. Well, I began to think and with all of these natural disasters, world ending movies and TV shows, how can I not begin to think?? I was thinking to myself - what would I do if something would happen and we, as a family, have to evacuate as soon as possible? What would I do if we were out in the middle of nowhere on a trip and got lost or broke down? So, that is when I realized... I don't have to be some crazy fanatic about the world ending, but I can be prepared if anything would happen.
I took out my emergency kit from the car to update it which should be done with either the change of seasons or when your child(ren) move up sizes in clothes.

I took a reuseable grocery bag that I bought from wal-mart. I buy those things all the time for $.50 so its cheap and filled it with supplies. Its small enough to not take up a bunch of room and fit into a little spot in my trunk, but big enough to carry a good amount of stuff. In it, I included..
8 scoops of formula and 8 scoops of baby cereal along with an extra scooper.
Two bottles.
A receiving blanket and a heavier blanket
12 size 3 diapers (she is almost grown out of them) disposables
2 size 4 diapers (would use as cover over the 3s if I had to)
A sleeper, onesie, long sleeve onesie, pants, socks, sunhat, hat, coat and socks for Caelyn
Underwear, shirt, socks and comfy pants for Robert & I
2 jars of babyfood
6 washcloths that are tiny for babywipes
petroleum jelly - to wipe butt with and for rash cream

These items stay in the car in case anything would happen. I make sure to take out the food and replace it with new later.
I also am planning on getting a case of waterbottles for the car also.

I also am a list girl - do you like lists too? And i keep a list in the house of what to do in case of an emergency and we need to evacuate.. it goes like this:
1. pack downstairs box with food and formula from pantry and upstairs
2. Get as much water to take with as possible
3. pack up as many diapers and clothes for caelyn as possible
4. as many clothes for us as possible
5. Grab baby carriers (ergo, pikkolo, etc)
6. Blankets
7. Important documents (which are kept in one spot only)
8. all the money in the house

Its an easy list to make. You may ask why the baby carriers but to me, its important because if you would need to carry your child(ren) and they are heavy and either can't walk or aren't so good.. or they get sleepy easy.. these solve these problems without a stroller which is too big and takes up too much room!

All in all? Be prepared!! If anything, you have the peace of mind knowing you are slightly prepared and planned out!

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