Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mommy Essentials for 4-5Months

So, when Caelyn was way younger, I did a post of things basically I couldn't live without at that stage in her life.. Now I want to do another because it has all changed.. almost!

1. Exersaucer! Wow, IDK what I would do without that thing. It gives me time to eat lunch (rushing), shower (rushing), or basically do anything as long as it doesn't top 30 minutes because after that she is POed. But, I love that thing and so does she!

2. ERGObaby & Pikkolo Baby Carriers. I have dived right into the world of babywearing and I love it. I do have slings and ringslings for quick walks and around the house, but my Ergo and Pikkolo are my love. They are so comfy for Caelyn & I and she loves to snuggle up with Mommy when we are out and she is sleepy. If she is in the stroller, she has a hard time falling asleep because she is looking everywhere. In the carriers, she cuddles on my chest and falls asleep instantly. She never fusses and usually cries being taken out. It sure helps with trips out!

3. Mesh Baby Feeders. So, these things are mesh bags that you put food in and let them suck on them or whatever. Caelyn recently has decided that being fed isn't as much as feeding herself, which is why I am about to buy a sippy cup. I put all kinds of fun food in these mesh bags and she sits for a half an hour and eats. Bananas are the messiest but she actually eats those, not just gets the juice. She actually ate a full banana one day. Wow. But, it keeps her happy and she eats and I can do the dishes while she eats and tries to grab her bottle of juice or pedialyte (can't wait to get the sippy cup!)

4. Infant Tylenol. Caelyn has TWO teeth. The nights can be torture when she wakes up exhausted but her teeth are hurting. I give her some tylenol, rock her with a bottle and off she goes. Poor baby, she is in pain! =( It kills me to see her like that!

5. Hook-On Highchair. This is a definitely mommy essential. I found mine for $15 at Once Upon a Child. To all you Mommy's out there: RESTAURANT HIGHCHAIRS ARE NOT CLEAN. I am a waitress and we do wipe them down quickly, but still, they are nasty and stinky. Caelyn still has trouble in the wooden highchairs, but this thing is perfect. She has no trouble sitting up in it and eating, playing with toys, etc. It isn't nasty; its clean. We love it!

6. Toys. Ok, so instead of naming all the toys she loves, I am just saying toys. At this stage, toys are essentials. She wants to play and actually, children need at least 20 minutes a day to play on their own with no other interaction from people. I put her in the Pack n'Play filled with toys and she loves to play and throw things. Its a great time for her and a fun time to watch her!

7. Boppy Pillow. Yes, this was on my last list, but we use it different now! She sits up great by herself, but still has her moments where she topples of. So. I put the boppy around her so if she falls, no hitting her little head! If she falls forward.. well she still gets hurt though.. or stunned at least.

There are tons more of things we love, but these are pretty essential for our little princess right now!
Oh boy, someone is waking up!

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