Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Day In The Life Of....

You know, before I had a baby, I thought stay at home moms had it made. They got to sit at home all day long doing nothing, just relaxing. Now that I am "part-time stay at home mom" I realize I was so wrong. I mean, I do work. Like, this week I will work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When I start school at the end of August, I will be going from 8-2 on Tuesdays & Thursday, then only an hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will be working like 2 days a week. Granted, it sounds like a lot, but Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will only be gone from her for an hour and then Tuesday and Thursday I definitely won't work. It will work out so that I am with her the majority of the time and that is what we, as a family, want.
But, thats not the point! I decided to let you all know what I do as a SAHM. Granted, today was a little bit different because Robert was home by 3 (yay!!) when usually its me with her alone from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed.
Today, she woke up at like 7:30 and since Robert was able to, he fed her a bottle. After he left for work, I got out of bed and this is how my day went....

Poopy diaper change at 8:30
She hung out in her exersaucer until about 9:15ish while I did lay on the couch (ok sorry but I really love to sleep!)
9:30 - another poopy diaper change!
10 - down for her first nap of the day. It wasn't a long one, about an hour or so during which time I did watch some tv and spent time on my favorite chatting on the forums
11 - she is up screaming - diaper change and spent a good amount of time calming her down then had play time on the floor for about 30 minutes
11:30 - brunch aka some baby food (banana orange medley) and pedialyte in her new sippy cup which she really loves and so do I because it occupies her time.
12 - Cleaned the kitchen: Put away the dishes and bottles I washed the night before.
12:30 - Made sweet potato fries for her to freeze for future use
1 - cleaned her room - put away all of her diapers, clothes and fixed up her bed
1:30 - bottle time and nap
During her nap time, I took a shower and straightened up the living room
2:30 - she woke up and we had play time on the floor and "school time" basically I show her a book that teaches colors, shapes, etc.
3 ish - Robert came home!
I was able to leave to go get my paycheck and to get my oil changed, which my car needed badly. I came home and she was down for her next nap and he had fed her lunch of sweet potato & corn baby food.
She woke up screaming at like 4:45 so I rocked her and she cuddled with me on the chair.
5:30 - we get ready and go to my parents house to swim
There... we spent time swimming (which she loves) then she played on the floor. We had pizza for dinner and we fed her apples & blueberries for her snack/dinner before bed time.
We came home at 8:30, she had a bath and bottle and now is in bed.

Today, as I said before, was a bit different because I would have continued cleaning and such throughout the rest of the time.. In fact, soon I am off to clean the kitchen and finish laundry.
Now, when people say that SAHMs do nothing, I get so angry! This day may sound like nothing, but it is very tiring - keeping up with someone else's demands and your own needs plus trying to take care of a home which mine always looks like a disaster no matter how much I clean.
I can only imagine what this will be like when I have more than one kid! I probably won't even have time for the internet and that might just be depressing!


  1. As for the internet thing, I don't know what I am going to do once our boy arrives. My hands are going to be very... very full. LOL.

  2. i will have to admit... your opening sentence made me roll my eyes....all that sahm's do is lounge! hah i am a full time sahm and i work harder now than ANY job i have ever had! i have a 4 1/2 yr old that is nonstop and doesn't take naps and a 19 mth old that is non stop, fearless, but can't speak in full sentences to tell me what she wants (which sometimes i think is better off) wait til caelyn is more on the go and more demanding... and add a second to that, good bye to your own time! would you like for me to write down my schedule from yesterday? lol. but it is worth it, even after the days that you want to rip your hair out!