Saturday, July 10, 2010

So Many New Changes, So Little Time

I have been slacking on my blogging lately because I haven't had as much time lately! In fact, I am rushing to type this as Robet and Caelyn play on the couch. My music lately has been her laugh and squealing of delight.
Caelyn is changing by the day, becoming more of a person with a mind (a very determined and stubborn one) and desires other than eating, sleeping, and pooping.
Today, we were at Applebees for dinner - which we haven't done in sooo long it was quite enjoyable - and she was like a wild woman. She ate a jar of corn & sweet potatoes, during which the whole time she would go "mmmmmm" in between bites. This is a new development lately. Every meal she eats she says "mmmmm" with each bite.
She has started with a sippy cup, only with meals! I know, 5 months and a sippy cup? Let me explain; she drinks Pedialyte throughout the day. The doctor told me to give it to her to extend time between bottles because she gained so much weight. Well, we give her Pedialyte and sometimes juice, but usually Pedialyte with babyfood - in my mind, we all get thirsty why is a baby different? So, anyway, if the bottle was sitting on the highchair tray, she would grab it but couldn't hold it. So I got a Nuby sippy cup with handles; I thought it would be fun for her just to try. Well, she can actually hold it pretty well and drink out of it. Its great for after meals when she is in her highchair and I'm cleaning the kitchen or out at restaurant, like tonight, she plays with it while we have our meals.
At Applebees, she was like a wild woman. I had her in my lap after I was finished eating, and I was struggling to hold her back as she was reaching for my plate, my cup, everything that she could possibly get. It was oh-so funny.
The best thing is watching her sit in her highchair. She usually has a toy and her sippy. She will put down her toy and grab her sippy or she will reach for her food when she decides she wants a bite.
My daughter is becoming a little baby with a mind all her own. She remembers people at least the ones she sees alot. A few days ago, my mom walked into the house and the instant she saw my mom she gasped and smiled and wanted her.
She is such a daddy's baby. When Robert is home from work, all she wants is daddy daddy daddy. She will stare at him until he looks at her and talks to her. She will try to push off of me to get to him.
I think she is going to move soon. When we are on the floor, she rolls around on my legs, pushes off of me with her legs, tries to scoot off of me.. As I said, a wild woman. Its so hard to contain her!
I am just so excited to see all these new developments in her and I love being there to watch her change almost daily.

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