Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Trip to the Zoo

I forgot to post about Caelyn's first trip to the zoo - Mommy fail!! We went on June 6th, for the first time!

It was quite a day; it wasn't cold but wasn't hot.

We got ready and off we went, Daddy was jealous he couldn't come. He working. Mommy, Grandma, GG Linda, and Aunt Bretton came with me. I sat in my stroller for awhile, all relaxed and content. I had a really comfy hoodie on!

The first animal I got to see was a tiger! It was so pretty and was running up and down the cliff.

Next I saw a baby crocodile, but it still looks scary to me, even if it is a baby. It was all by itself in the water, maybe it is mean!

Then we saw lions!! There was a bunch of them, a whole family with a Daddy, Mommy and baby lions!

My favorite animal was the elephant. I got to see it really close up and there was even a baby elephant. It is a baby like me! Mommy got to see the polar bears, but I didn't....

Because I fell asleep! Mommy knew I was sleepy, so she put me in the Ergo and I fell asleep on her. I was soooo comfy. Going to the zoo makes a baby sleepy!!

I even missed the sharks! I bet they were really cool. Mommy told me that they were and that everyone got to see them really close. There was a underwater tunnel that we walked through and the sharks swam around us. Boy, I wish I could have seen that!

Mommy walked over a wobbly bridge hanging in the trees. I woke up afterwards, so Mommy went over it a second time so I could see. Boy, it sure was funny! I was laughing.

I was such a happy little girl after I woke up. Too bad I woke up at the end of the zoo! I missed a bunch of animals, but my nap was still great.

I really don't like car rides and I got really hungry, so Mommy gave me a bottle and I drank it while we drove home from Pittsburgh.

It sure was a great day. I can't wait to go to the zoo again! Maybe next time my Daddy can come with me!

The End!

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