Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Freakiest Moment of My Life!

I had to share this experience with you all. I will NEVER forget it.

Saturday night I got off of work and went to get Caelyn from my parents house. We decided to go see fireworks so I ran home real fast to change. I walk into my bathroom, flip on the light...and on the outside of my bathroom window a HUGE snake was hanging on it! It was slithering around. It was like something out of a horror film.

I screamed. It scared the shit out of me!

I ended up calling my landlord to come get it off of my window. It was like 5 foot long. It disappeared around my house. I am scared out of my mind.

I HATE snakes. I was petrified to be in my house all saturday night and still now. I keep imagining it will get into my house, even though I don't think there is anyway it could.

Just picture this. It was definitely the freakiest moment ever! Ugh!

This is what I get for having the woods as my backyard.

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