Monday, June 28, 2010

5 Months Old

Dear Caelyn -

Baby, you are 5 months old today. Its amazing how time is flying!

We got you weighed a few days ago because we had to take you to the doctors for this strange cough you have and they said you weigh 23 lbs and 11oz and are 28 1/2 inches long. Wow! What a big girl you are becoming!

In the last month you have...

- Swam for the first time. We swim alot now and you LOVE to swim!!

- To date you have ate: sweet potatoes, carrots, green beas, peas, country mixed vegetables, sweet corn casserole, sweet potatoe and corn, mixed vegetables, avocado, pears, bananas, apples, prunes, apricots, pinneapple, mango, blueberries, cinnamon raisin granola, peaches.. You like ALMOST all of these except carrots, green beas, avocado and blueberries.

- You can almost sit up by yourself.

- We took out the pack n play and its our living room - you play in it everyday!

- You are cutting two teeth and they both have broke through the surface

Everyday you are growing bigger and getting smarter. You now where 6-9 months clothes in everything, minus jeans which we can't get over your fluffy cloth diaper butts!

You definitely can recognize and know people, especially the family who you see the most. You get so excited to see them. We love to go to Aunt Bretton's games and watch her play. Being outside is so much fun to you.

You generally sleep through the nights almost everynight now except every now and then.

You love for mommy to wear you in the carriers. You fall asleep on me.

You can reach out and grab EVERYTHING. Your hands are quick. We have to watch what is near you because you grab everything and eat it!

I love watching you grow. I can't wait to write another letter to you next month because I know you will be doing so much more!

Love, Mommy.

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