Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Oh my little blog, I have so been neglecting you! What a bad writer I am! You, my beautiful followers, I'm sure are just wondering where I have been? SIKE! I know you arent, you probably haven't noticed I have been missing for a few days.
Where have I been?
Oh my friends, I have found a new love - a love that I love even more than cloth diapers if that is possible. I have found babywearing and I am in heaven - a broke heaven that is.
I thought being a cloth diaper addict is expensive; its nothing when you become a babywearing addict.
I have now an Ergo, an Action Baby Carrier, another Ergo coming from a swap, and a Pikkolo on its way =) I am addicted.
I want to try... a Beco, a solarveil sling and mei tai.. and my DREAM carrier.. a Bamberoo SV SSC. I swear to you I dream about this thing at night.
I found where people sell their used carriers. There is a section on for baby carriers, but NOTHING like TBW! Whoa, I don't even know what these names mean. But, I am learning and drooling over these expensive carriers I could only dream about wearing Caelyn in. I might have to sell her in order to fund my addiction - sike. I love her too much lol. But really, some of them are sooooo expensive that it makes me gasp. Like who in their right mind spends $300 on a USED cashmere sling? Really? Are you serious?
I wish I had $300 laying around for that lol. Robert would shoot me - you would hear about it on the news - Blogger Killed by Boyfriend Because of Money Spent on Babycarrier.
Beautiful - I can see the headlines now.
Anyway, thats where I have been - stalking the boards like I have no other life which, since it is the summer, I don't.

On the upside, my local cloth diaper store (not really local, but about 20 minutes away) is going to be stocking Rockin Green either tomorrow or Friday which I am pumped about because I was going to be ordering some like.. tomorrow lol.. and this is going to save this momma some shipping costs! yay for that. =)

Oh, I will be posting soon Caelyn's 4 month checkup statistics.. wait til you hear this folks! lol


  1. its ok I was MIA from my blog to =X ...hehe it happens!

  2. I am so jealous you have a CD store 20 min away from you!!!!!! And yeah on the babywearing addiction! lol it's so much fun! and I think the only way my hubby would let me spend 300 on a carrier is if we were going to have like 20 kids...which we are not. ;)