Saturday, June 12, 2010

4 Month Checkup

I totally forgot to post Caelyn's 4 month checkup!
We went on Wednesday. It was really strange because in the waiting room, she was her normal happy self, but as soon as we laid her on the scale to get weighed, she became the demon from hell! She screamed the ENTIRE visit. It took forever for the doctor to check her out because she just wouldn't stop!
But, she weighs.....
22lbs 3oz - yes you read that right lol
and she is..
27 1/2 inches long!
My little one is getting so big.
The doctor did say she weighs alot, about 2-3lbs over what she should assuming that she would weigh what her height says she should lol. He said to try to cut back on the cereal on her bottle, which we have been doing because of the reflux. He said to wait on baby food lol, well... as much as I love my doctor, I disagree with him. Why?
We tried little cereal and no baby food for a day. She drank an 8oz bottle every 2 1/2-3hours. So, she isn't going to lose weight because she will be drinking a huge amount of formula.
So, me and Robert came up with a solution..
She needs cereal for her reflux so we are trying only 1 1/2scoops. We might even cut back more if she does ok. I don't want her puking it all up.
She still will get baby food, in the morning and afternoon. Her night bottle will have the full amount of cereal.. because we want her to sleep lol. If we can, we are going to cut out all cereal in the afternoon bottles (2 of them).
I know my doctor doesn't want her to gain too much weight, and he even told me to expect her weight gain to slow down around 6 months when she starts to move. As much as I agree she shouldn't gain so much weight, the statistics or graphs shouldn't be applied to all children. We aren't following his advice completely because I know my baby better than him. I know that an 8oz bottle 8-10 times a day is WAY TOO MUCH FORMULA. So, we are going with what we feel is right.
But, he said she is amazingly healthy and has awesome muscle tones for a little one her age. She is almost able to sit up for extended periods of time by herself and can hold onto things like her play table and stand by herself and play. Yes, my 4 month old does that!
Oh, we got a roll out of her today, but haven't since. But, on her back, she rolls to her side and is ALMOST there and the same for her belly. She just needs like a tad bit more momentum and she will be rolling! yay! I can't wait =)

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