Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Have Been Thinking..

I spend a lot of time thinking lately. That sounds strange, but I do. I love to sit and sew cloth wipes (that I sell or trade) and as I play with my sewing machine, I think. This time is usually either late at night or during nap periods. Its one of my favorite times.
This may seem weird, but follow my train of thought, or pretend you can.
I think that living simple is better. I used to dream about all the modern thing I could have and would have. When I found out I was pregnant, trust me, I would never have thought about cloth diapering, babywearing, going green, or anything. I wanted all the modern, cool things. As much as I love some modern baby items (come on, Boon puts out some really cool things), I realize... is modern any better than traditional?
My family sometimes jokes with me that I've gone "old-school" or basically gone back in time with my parenting style. Maybe I have. I can tell you that I am different than anyone else I know.
Disposable diapers have become the norm, when long ago, they were not. Cloth diapers were something that would be seen in every neighborhood. Long ago when my great-grandparents were little, if you walked through a neighborhood, I bet almost everyhouse would have a clothes line with cloth diapers out to dry.
I believe there is something beautiful and nostalgic about line drying clothes. I do it and love it. I hope the passer-bys see them from the road. My backyard is hidden, but I love doing so.
Babywearing is definitely one of the oldest things in the book. I can guarantee you that Mary wore Jesus. It was the norm. But, with the development of strollers, babywearing was put aside. There is something so beautiful about a mother wearing her child, whether it be in a SSC like the Ergo, or a simple ringsling or wrap. Its the closeness to the parent that the child loves and is comforted by.
Caelyn is adjusting to babywearing. At first, she seemed to not like it, but now? She settles right in for a stroll on mommy.
I remember reading a study that said that babies in tribes that the mom wears the baby... they cry less.
Nowadays, you get that stupid, if you hold or carry your child too much, they will be spoiled. Who cares? My daughter is spoiled and I don't care. She is so precious to me.

So, where am I going with this?
I really have no idea. No, I do but how do I explain it to you?
Are times better now than they used to be? I would say yes and no from a mothers standpoint. Technology has bettered our lives for sure, but with that came the need for convenience. With that, came the destruction of families.
Fastfood chains led to dinners not being around the table. I really believe that is something that effected the rise in divorce rates.
Convenience led to disposable diapers which I could get on my soapbox and tell you why those are not good, but lets leave it at..... they suck.

I have rambled long enough. Sometimes I need a post like this.. when my random thoughts, even if they make no sense when written out, are spilled out for you to read.
Parenthood changes you. I have changed my views on almost everything. I am thankful God has led me down this path. I believe its the best for me and my family. I am thankful Robert allows me to lead us down this path and supports me.
I hope one day Caelyn brings up her little ones with cloth diapers and wears them in carriers.

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  1. I love your thinking. I think like that a lot... and that's a great question for you to ask. I honestly sometimes wish I had lived in different times... just to see how different it would have actually been, ya know.