Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sleeping, Oh How I Miss Thee

Back in high school and even the beginning of my college years, I could sleep til noon.. 1pm.. even later if you let me. I love to sleep. I love to be snuggled under the blankets, warm and cozy. In my opinion, there isn't much better than snuggling down for the night.
Someone, please explain to Caelyn how absolutely wonderful sleeping is?! I wish there was a little button I could push and it would put her to sleep. Yesterday, for example, my lovely child woke up at 1:30am. That was fine - I was still awake. Usually, she snuggles against me, drinks a bottle and falls right back to sleep. Not this night. I'm not sure if part of it was caused when the lights started to go on and off. It seems to spark her interest. Well, Caelyn decided being awake was way cooler. So, 3:30 rolls around and she finally falls asleep in our bed - with Robert on the couch haha. Well.. 7am rolls around and she decides to wake up.. I say WTF Caelyn, Momma needs more sleep here! We are up til 8:30 when she takes a little nap with me, for like 45minutes and wakes up screaming. Same thing from like 11:45-12:30.
She hates to nap; its a battle every naptime to take one but I am very persistant and I make her take a nap whether she cries for 10minutes or not. She has gotten better at putting herself to sleep though and most of the time she fusses for a few minutes and that is it.
She napped from around 4:30-7 from pure exhaustion.
I wish she knew how nice sleep is. I told her if she doesn't sleep better, I am selling her to the highest bid. Any takers?! She really is cute, minus her sleeping issues!!

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