Friday, June 18, 2010

How Am I Going To Tell My Parents...

Hahaha, I bet you thought I was pregnant again! NOPE!

I wonder how I am going to tell my parents that I plan on homeschooling Caelyn, at least for a few years!

I have been thinking for awhile about this. I am going to school to become a teacher which I feel makes me qualified to be a homeschooling mother. I really feel as if she will learn more with me than any public/private school environment. I am very excited about our decision. Robert and I have spoken about it and he tells me that he believes I can teach our daughter (and any future children) as well as if not better than any schools around here.

The only issue is that this is going to require me not to work basically. I am ok with that. We have plans and we know what we are going to do when that time comes! Basically, the plan is that I am going to finish my undergraduate and get my masters in education. This is a total of 4 more years in college for me. I would consider getting a job as a teacher locally. Caelyn will be two when I have my bachelor degree - I would consider working for a few years. If she has to go to preschool publicly, thats fine.

Robert will get a different job; it just comes down to the job market currently isn't very good. The job he has now provides for us fine now with me working on weekends. We are doing ok - sometimes it is tight, but it works. We have our plans and we are going to make it work for us. I am excited to see how it turns out.

I am already getting stuff together for our homeschooling experience!!


  1. you go girl! i would love to homeschool, but i'm the breadwinner so not gonna happen here. i wish you luck and i hope your parents take it well. what do you think they will say?

  2. that I'm nuts and that she needs to socialize! They'll think she will never be around other kids lol.. as if all her extra things like dance classes and such arent socializing right? lol

  3. YEAH! homeschooling rocks! i have met a lot of wonderful, normal homeschooled kids! i plan on homeschooling my kiddos as well -- as for preschool, look into Montessori. it's a lot better than public, and hands-on like homeschooling.
    ps: i got a new blog. follow me there! :)