Sunday, May 23, 2010

Swappin This and That

So, I have been all about trading lately.. I've been attached to all day everyday.. making trades. Its amazing how much stuff I have that I don't use that other people want!

Then... I found and that site is a dream come true! Basically you post photos of things you have and want to get rid of.. people comment if they are interested and you go through their photos to see if they have something you like in return! Then, you pay for your own shipping and receive whatever you swapped for. Its that simple.. You can honestly find everything on this site.. like all size clothing for kids, adult clothing too, books, coupons, cloth diapers, purses, makeup.. OMG I can keep going!

I love it! Robert and I have soooo much clothes and I'm able to swap a lot of stuff for things we actually need/want!

One of my favorite swaps thus far, but it was on diaperswappers.. was I swapped a WAHM mei tai and a pocket diaper I had for a Vera Bradley purse and matching wallet! I have been dying for a new purse and now I got it! Awesome huh?!

This, my friends, is what an addiction looks like haha...

You all might have to rescue me if I get sucked in too far!


  1. B-
    You got me hooked too! WOO for cheap diaper covers! (Okay, I'm sticking with my Thirsties because I love them... read my blog for a good laugh!)

  2. I will have to check this out! I have been meaning to dive into diaper swapers, I have no privileges on it right now :) Now I have another to look at!