Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Changing Carseats!

I wish I would have taken pictures - I will sometime today/tomorrow I am sure.. Anyway.. after some talking, Robert and I decided it was time to take Caelyn out of her infant carrier carseat and move to a "big girl" convertible car seat haha.

She is only "almost" 4 months - this friday! OMG! haha, but she is at least 20lbs.. I can't be sure until she is weighed at her next drs.. and her little feet were almost over the end of the carseat. That wasn't the biggest reason. The biggest reason we decided to change was neither one of us can carry the darn carrier with her in it for very far! It is sooo heavy, I feel like I am going to fall over. Plus, she absolutely hates it. If we are out somewhere, she wants to be out too, either held, me wearing her..

She can't sit up by herself yet.. so that is an issue. We have a shopping cart cover, so maybe either try to see if she can sit up.. she can sit up in our hook-on high chair? or.. Add a blanket along with the cart cover and just lay her in it somehow.. or wear her haha..

Either way.. its time for my little girl to become a big girl *tear*

It just amazes me at the speed our little ones grow up. I look at my little one and just can't believe that 4 months ago, I was still pregnant.. anxiously awaiting her arrival.. a year ago? I was pregnant, but had no idea!

It makes me sad - I love this stage.. I love watching her learn and grow.. part of me is excited to see what will come next.

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  1. We still haven't switched Grace... I'm just not in the mood to buy another carseat yet, although, it's inevitable. Mannn...