Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beautiful Moments

Monday, well technically Tuesday, night/morning.. 3:00am to be exact... Robert and I had just laid down finally and began to cuddle/fall asleep. He said to me "I really hope she sleeps through the night." Caelyn had been sleeping through the night every night for a few weeks now - score! But, she is only little and we understand that there will still be late night feedings. It happens and we deal.

Well, I went to check on her. I could tell by the way she was moving, stretching, throwing her arms, etc.. that she was going to wake up, so I whispered quietly for Robert to come into her room. We have a monitor - so he heard me and came walking in quietly.
We both stood above her crib and watched her wake up. She was stretching her arms and moving from side to side. Finally, her little almond eyes fluttered open and began searching the room above her. Then, she turned her head and caught sight of both of us standing beside the crib. Her little face erupted with a smile.

She began to coo - she is great at her "ooo" "ewwww" and "awww." So we both leaned her crib, looked down at her, and just watched. It was like she was showing off for us. She was smiling and cooing - like she was having a conversation with us. We would just say "uh huh, say more" and she kept going - for about 5 minutes. Smiling and squealing - so happy to see her mommy and daddy.

Gone lately are the nights/morning we wake to a screaming baby. Most mornings, she is nothing but a happy baby to see us.

But, this night stood out to me because it was both of us awake with her. Both of us watched her, both in amazement. Still to this day we talk about how we just can't understand how we have made this beautiful little being. Like Monday morning we had "family cuddle time" in bed which we all love.

What a blessing our child is - I look forward to more blessings in the future.
This was just one beautiful moment in our beautiful life together as a family - but, because of this blog, it is one more beautiful moment I can remember and recall. The moment we both stood above our child and watched in amazement at the being we created together. We both stood looking at this being who has changed so much since we have brought her home. We both stood watching a little person whom we love beyond imagine.

This is love.