Thursday, May 27, 2010

Its Exersaucer Time!

For over a month now, probably close to two, we have had the exersaucer set up in our living room. We would once in awhile sit Caelyn in it, stuffed with blankets, for a few moments to see what she did.

But now, its time! She loves her exersaucer. She can reach out and grab the hanging toys (and links I've added) and chew on them. She is teething, God bless us, so she wants to chew on EVERYTHING (including mommy, daddy, and everything).

She really likes to watch tv, like Dora the Explorer (her fave) while playing.

Yum yum yum.. toys are soooooo yummy. Her feet don't touch that board completely yet, just tiptoes.. but once she is tall enough.. that thing bobs and wobbles.. helping her learn to stand!

I personally love anything she loves, whether it be toys, exersaucer, or whatever. Whatever makes Caelyn happy makes a happy mommy.

Not only does it make a happy mommy and baby.. but now that she can semi-entertain herself for periods of time.. it gives mommy time to do things that need to get done like cleaning. I know i know.. so many people tell me forget about cleaning, just enjoy your baby. Ok, I get that concept I really do. But things like a clean bathroom, a clean kitchen, and done laundry ARE important too. Who really likes a dirty bathroom? A clean kitchen is essential in order to cook and to make her baby food! Sure, laundry can pile up but, then one day you realize you have no clean underwear and have to spend the entire day doing laundry. Yes, I have done this before and it SUCKS.

Anyway, isn't she just a doll baby?! haha

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